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ZilicusPM Project Management Software for IT Team in Enterprise

IT departments are backbone for most of the leading enterprises in the world. These IT departments always face tradeoff situation because they have limited resources and company employees, contractors, partners and customer all over the world want them to be responsive to business automation IT projects ASAP. Plus there are Business-As-Usual (BAU) projects that lead to plenty of change requests and incidents to support every other day.

Doesnít it sound familiar? Every business unit thinks that their project is of highest priority and urgency and expects IT teams to be lean and responsive. How do you manage such chaotic situation? How do you prioritize projects, incidents, change requests and mobilize resources on right projects? Yet be on time and deliver within budget.

How does ZilicusPM help you?

ZilicusPM online project management software and collaboration platform that provides IT teams a right solution to excel in project management with following aspects

project management software for IT teams - project approval

Manage portfolio of Information Technology projects, prioritize projects

IT departments are flooded with projects requests from various business units. There has to be a way to prioritize, categorize projects. Mere categorization may not work for enterprises businesses, projects should align with strategic goals of an organization.

ZilicusPM project portfolio management system makes it easier for portfolio managers to manage new project requests, prioritize them, associate projects to certain portfolios where goals and objectives of a project will align with overall goals of business.

Track Project Progress, Timeline, Budget, Resources, Risks, Issues, all at one Place

IT Project managers and portfolio managers have too many projects to look after. You need a dashboard that shows progress of projects across portfolios at one placce. The dashboard should reflect progress near real time, so that you will have the most recent data to act on. Your decisions will be based on data facts.

ZilicusPM provides stylish and intuitive portfolio dashboard. When portfolio manager accesses portfolio dashboard, s/he can check the latest status of projects. This portfolio dashboard is interactive and one can drill down to the bottleneck causing problems.

project portfolio dashboard to track progress, using project management software
project management software for IT teams - project approval

Manage IT Resources Across Projects, Deploy IT Resource Allocation Optimally

As mentioned earlier, IT departments have plenty of IT projects to manage for its business units. Deploying right skilled and experienced resources is essential for success of those IT projects. Ultimately team members are the ones who are going to deliver project work in pieces but you as portfolio manager should be able to take a top-level view of evaluating whether your IT department has enough bandwidth or resource capacity to deliver a given IT project.

ZilicusPM offers advance capabilities of project resource management software like resource skillset identification, resource roles, resource capacity planning, resource load charting, utilization chart, multi-resource assignment to tasks, email notification to resources, etc. ZilicusPM provides clear picture of where, how much IT resources are allocated/deployed and how busy they are.

Collaborate with business stakeholders, partners
Better Communication & Foster Transparency

One of the important advantages of online project management system is seamless stakeholder collaboration. Team members can collaborate about project schedule, tasks, issues, risks, meetings, discussions, etc. Project customers can get involved, other stakeholders can also access project information and contribute toward project success

ZilicusPM is one such great project collaboration solution. It brings project team members, customers, stakeholders and management together. It allows project manager to configure stakeholder's access to project information. Essentiall ZilicusPM foster transparency and accountability.

project portfolio dashboard to track progress, using project management software

Benefits of ZilicusPM Project Management Software:

  • Manage projects with a holistic view: ZilicusPM is an complete project management and collaboration solution that empowers you to manage entire lifecycle of the project; right from planning phase to creating detailed schedule, kicking it off, managing project execution, tracking issues and risks, tracking resources, tracking budget, cost, documents, etc..
  • Real time visibility into projects & resources: Excellent, useful graphical indicators provided in project, portfolio dashboards & reports to given your real status of project delivery schedule, resource utilization, billability, available capacity, etc.
  • Tool that is intuitive to use and highly collaborative: Beside comprehensive features, ZilicusPM is simple to use that has a very quick learning curve. ZilicusPM is designed to easily engage team members thereby driving higher user adoption.
  • Effortlessly mobilize resources: ZilicusPM has made it super easy for project managers to help you identify right resources (in terms of skill & roles) for your projects, check their availability, resource load and perform work assignment for optimum utilization and maximum billability

ZilicusPM Project Management Software Features:

Project Planning Software: ZilicusPM enables project managers to meticulously create a project plan containing work breakdown structure, milestones, budget, and estimated cost numbers, etc. Scheduling can be done pretty quickly using interactive Gantt along with advance features such as baseline, critical path. One can also print Gantt chart with desired criterions.

Resource Management Software: The most important aspect for professional organization is to maximize resource billability. With ZilicusPM, you can get clear visibility into resources availability, resource utilization looking at resource load/capacity planning reports. Easily determine projects that you can undertake, which resources are most suitable (roles, skillset wise), plan for cost and expected billability.

Issue/Incident Management Software: Throughout the project delivery lifecycle, project team and customers will encounter issues or incidents. In reality, it is difficult to predict an incident and address it beforehand. The best way to manage issues is to have well defined process to highlight, prioritize, delegate, track and close issues. ZilicusPM provides the simplest platform for team members and customers to report issues, track and manage project issues. Different set of reports and dashboard for project issues are accessible depending on role whether team members, project manager and portfolio managers.

Time Tracking Tool: As mentioned above, organizationís objective is to deliver project portfolio to meet clientís expectation such that it would maximize organizationís revenue and profitability. Using ZilicusPM, companies can track and monitor team's performance in terms of time spent on different projects thereby tracking actual cost and expected billability. This information will help you in assessing alignment of your current projects with your organization's strategic goals and thereby mobilizing right resources on right set of priority projects.

Expenses Tracking Tool: Non-resource cost can also impact profitability of company. Projects delivered by professional services companies have different expenses to cover e.g. when consultants are working on client location, they have to travel, stay or organize indoor and indoor activities. ZilicusPM makes it easier to track project expenses, get those reviewed and approved by project managers, Team members can also track expenses through various reports like expenses report, project financial reports.

Integrated Project Collaboration Solution: ZilicusPM has been designed to foster your collaboration with customer/partners, making your delivery more transparent and credible for them. When project manager extends access to clients, they can login to Zilicus and access project status, participate in discussion forums, raise tickets, share documents, add task comments, and update task status and so on. All of these, without any additional cost for you.

Partner Change Request Management Software: Change requests are unevitable part of IT projects. IT project teams get frustrated with change requests. ZilicusPM provides a easier way to submit/track the Change Request, project manager along with stakeholders can review change requests for possible impact, benefits, delegation, etc. In short, project teams have a easier way to track change requests now.

Integrated Project Management Software for IT Team: As one can see, ZilicusPM is complete, integrated, online project management software that enables better project planning schedule, tracking of timeline, resources, issues, risks, meetings, change requests, and lot more. It gives project managers one place to find all project information, almost real time for every one in the project team.

ZilicusPM makes life easier for IT teams because

  • ZilicusPM is 100 % online software; so you can are saved from all desktop based installation or support activity
  • Hosted in state of the arts Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud with availability of more than 99.9% of the time
  • ZilicusPM works with MS Project and is integrated with Google Apps

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