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ZilicusPM for Marketing Teams

New product launches, PR events, marketing campaigns and so on; marketing teams are constantly working on some of other outreach activities, collaborating with and delivering projects for internal and external customers. Though these activities are termed as projects, you may not be doing conventional project management per se. Of course, you would have certain milestones to deliver, deadlines to meet, issues to resolve, resource to delegate tasks but you also have to be creative through all these activities.

Now you have ZilicusPM –online project management software, to make your life easier.

How does ZilicusPM help you?

  • It is incredibly simple to use and keeps all project information at one central place.
  • ZilicusPM makes it simple for you to manage marketing projects, list down project activities – tasks, milestones, budget, etc. and easily tracking project timeline
  • Assign project activities to sales/account team, creative designers, copy-writers, web-designers, programmers and easily decide best resource (skills) and its availability
  • Share project documents like design document, press release drafts, proposals, RFQs, etc with your teams, contractors and customers
  • Collaborate with your project teams and customers through comments, discussions, project meetings (Agenda, MoMs, Action Items)
  • Keep a tab on project cost and billing by track project timesheet, project expenses and billability


  • Incredibly simple tool: Though ZilicusPM offers plethora of features, it is pretty simple, intuitive to use and keeps team members engaged thus results in higher user adoption.
  • Greater real-time visibility into projects: Easy to access project dashboards and reports in ZilicusPM provide informative, useful graphical status indicators for project schedule, resources availability, cost, billing, etc.
  • Seamlessly collaborate and brainstorm: This unified tool provides central place for project team members, customers to collaborate, ideate, brainstorm using project discussion boards, task/issue comments, meeting manager, document sharing
  • Quickly mobilize resources: Project managers can easily identify right resources (skill & roles) for new projects, check availability, resource load and perform work assignment for optimum utilization, cost and maximum billability


Project Planning: ZilicusPM enables project managers to meticulously create a project plan containing work breakdown structure, milestones, budget, and estimated cost numbers, etc. Scheduling can be done pretty quickly using interactive Gantt along with advance features such as baseline, critical path. One can also print Gantt chart with desired criterions.

Resource Management: The most important aspect for professional organization is to maximize resource billability. With ZilicusPM, you can get clear visibility into resources availability, resource utilization looking at resource load/capacity planning reports. Easily determine projects that you can undertake, which resources are most suitable (roles, skillset wise), plan for cost and expected billability.

Timesheet Tracking: As mentioned above, organization’s objective is to deliver project portfolio to meet client’s expectation such that it would maximize organization’s revenue and profitability. Using ZilicusPM, companies can track and monitor team's performance in terms of time spent on different projects thereby tracking actual cost and expected billability. This information will help you in assessing alignment of your current projects with your organization's strategic goals and thereby mobilizing right resources on right set of priority projects.

Expenses Tracking: Non-resource cost can also impact profitability of company. Projects delivered by professional services companies have different expenses to cover e.g. when consultants are working on client location, they have to travel, stay or organize indoor and indoor activities. ZilicusPM makes it easier to track project expenses, get those reviewed and approved by project managers, Team members can also track expenses through various reports like expenses report, project financial reports.

Issue/Incident Management: Throughout the project delivery lifecycle, project team and customers will encounter issues or incidents. In reality, it is difficult to predict an incident and address it beforehand. The best way to manage issues is to have well defined process to highlight, prioritize, delegate, track and close issues. ZilicusPM provides the simplest platform for team members and customers to report issues, track and manage project issues. Different set of reports and dashboard for project issues are accessible depending on role whether team members, project manager and portfolio managers.

Client Collaboration: ZilicusPM has been designed to foster your collaboration with customer, making your delivery more transparent and credible for them. When project manager extends access to clients, they can login to Zilicus and access project status, participate in discussion forums, raise tickets, share documents, add task comments, and update task status and so on. All of these, without any additional cost for you.

You should also consider

  • ZilicusPM is 100 % online software; so you can are saved from all desktop based installation or support activity
  • Hosted in state of the arts Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud with availability of more than 99.9% of the time