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Project Tracking Software : ZilicusPM Product Tour

Project Dashboard
Monitor project better as you get clear picture of health of your projects. Track progress in terms of tasks, issues, risks, cost, billing, timeline & resource
Project Dashboard in Project Tracking Software ZilicusPM
Track Projects Using Portfolio Dashboard Software
Are you managing multiple projects? Easily get real status and early warning progress indicators of all projects at one place: Project portfolio dashboard
Track Projects in Portfolio Dashboard using ZilicusPM Project Tracking Tool
Track Project Schedule/ Task Progress
Know whether your project schedule is on track. Track status of tasks – using Gantt Chart as well drill down dashboard charts.
Track Task Progress using Gantt Chart Tool
Project Portfolio Gantt Chart
One central location to monitor progress of schedule of all portfolio projects - Portfolio Gantt Chart System
Project Portfolio Gantt Chart Software
One Home To View All Pending Activities
View what is pending on your name: Be it pending tasks,issues, risks, action items, approvals & lot more. Everyday, that's your go to place
Home Page in ZilicusPM
Issue Tracking System
Quite easy to track issues in your projects: list of open issues & change it status, assign to your team members.
Issue Tracking System
Online Risk Tracking Tool
Risks happens but your best strategy is to acknowledge risks and respond appropriately: Review risk exposure & decide contingency, mitigation plan.
Online Risk Tracking Tool
Track Project Budget, Expenses and cost
Track project financials - estimate cost, actual costs and expenses at task level
Track Project Budget, Expenses and cost
Track Financial Health - Budget, Cost, Revenue of Project Portfolio
View financial health of projects: track project budget, estimated and actual cost for individual project in a project porfolio dashboard
Project Budget, Cost, Revenue dashboard in ZilicusPM
Simple Time Tracking System
As team member enters time for project activities, Project Manager can track their actual work, generate billability report
Time Tracker
Tracking Project Expenses
Team members can submit project expenses for approval on the go and project manager can review their expenses online.
Track and Approve Project Expenses
Project Schedule Variance Report :
With Project Variance report, find variation between planned & actual project schedule.
Project Schedule Variance Report
Project Progress Report
ZilicusPM offers project status report to provide clear details of the project progress made & what's pending. PM can create custom status reports
Project dashboard and reports
My Task View
What makes ZilicusPM simple to use? - Team members can easily update task progress, they do not need to look at Gantt chart or complete schedule.
Project: My Task View