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Project Schedule | Work Breakdown structure (WBS) with Web Based Project Management Tool
Create project schedule online: Project manager can create high level deliverables through summary tasks and break those down to WBS
Online Project Schedule, Work Breakdown structure
Create Hierarchy of Tasks, Milestones & Dependency with Online Project Management Software
Create hierarchy of unlimited tasks, milestones & set dependencies, update status, % completion, assigned resources; all at one Place.
Tasks, Milestones, Dependencies
Project State "Planning/Draft" using 100% online PM Tool
Assess feasibility of project duration, estimate cost, check suitable resources before kicking off the project; in its "Planning/Draft" state
Project State - Planning/Draft
Project Budget and Billing Preference:
Project manager can create project and set project budget and billing preference with applicable currency
Project Budget in ZilicusPM
Interactive Gantt Chart :
Project manager can create project schedule easily and very quickly using Interactive Gantt just like excel entries plus drag drop features
Gantt Chart
Project Resources - Allocation, Cost and Billing Rates:
Easily manage resources in your organization to build your project team, set percentage allocation, cost and billing rates
Add project team members, set allocation, cost rates
Estimate Cost for Each Task:
As a project manager, you can view estiamted - fixed cost, resource cost and other cost and compare those side by side with actual ones
Resource Load Chart :
Resource load chart shows how a user is allocated tasks per day across all project, and if there is any under-assignment or over-assignment.
Resouce load chart
Resource Assignment :
Part of project planning is to delegate project tasks to your team members. It is quite easy to do resource assignment with ZilicusPM.
Task Assignment to resources
View Critical Path using ZilicusPM - project management software
View tasks that determine critical path for your project schedule
View Critical Path using ZilicusPM - project management software
Project schedule baseline:
Create baseline of project schedule and compare it with current project plan in Gantt chart
Project Baseline
Risk Planning :
Use Risk Register & plan for project risks, right from begining. ZilicusPM lets you prepare Risk Response Plan.
Risk Register & Planning
Project Template
Use project import functionality like project template and you can import not just schedule but also team & its assignment.
Project Templates