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Time Tracking Software Features

Record time spent details

Team members can easily enter the hours spent on completing project activities. Time tracking software - ZilicusPM provides an auto populated details of the tasks which makes it easy for team members to log time spent.
Log project working hours in time tracking software ZilicusPM

Timesheet tracker for issue, tasks, risks, ad hoc in project management tool ZilicusPM

Timesheet Entries for All Types of Activities

As a team member, you can enter timesheet details for all types of activities you work on - be it project tasks, project issues, risks or any ad hoc event. You can state whether a these entries are billable or non-billable.
Sometimes customers would like to track normal as well as overtime cost. Time tracking software module in ZilicsuPM allows users to log timesheet entries for normal as well as overtime hours.

Timesheet Report Showing All Activities

As a project manager you can view timesheet records for all activities be it - issue, risk, ad hoc event.

There are multiple reports in time tracking software ZilicsuPM which groups activities based on whether they are planned and un-planned activities. Of course, you can export this report to an excel/spreadsheet format.
Generate timesheet report in project management software ZilicsuPM

timesheet report for project manager

Timesheet Report of your team

ZilicusPM time tracking software lets you view timesheet report for your team for a given duration. You can view timesheet details for current month/ quarter/ year or a specific duration. You can also specify whether you would like to view timesheet entries for billable, non-billable or all records. This report can be exported to excel file.

Record billing hours

ZilicusPM time tracker tool provides you an types of activities, against which you can log time. So your project activities could be Billable or non-Billable activity. Using aggregated number of billable/non-billable information you can use billing rate details to calculate total billability of time spent on project activities.
Enter billable non-billable horus in ZilicusPM project management software

Report of submitted timesheet entries

Timesheet Report: Submitted Entries

As a project team member when you enter timesheet details, you can check what entries you have submitted in the timesheet submitted reports. This report shows weekwise entries submitted by you. It is also shows billable and non-billable hours you have entered.

Timesheet Report: Un-submitted Entries

As a project team member when you enter timesheet details, you can check what entries you have saved but not-submitted in the timesheet un-submitted reports. This report shows weekwise entries saved by you. It is also shows billable and non-billable hours you have entered.
Report of saved timesheet entries

Timesheet Approval History

Timesheet Approval History

As a project team member when you submit timesheet details, it is submitted for project manager's approval. Project manager can review timesheet entries - he/she can edit, approve or reject it. The timesheet approval history is shown to project team member as well as to approvers.
ZilicusPM offers you a easy time tracking software. It enables your team members to enter time spent on project tasks, issues, risks, etc project activities. It's easy to use, update data, export details. ZilicusPM is also available as downloadable app on Google Play and iTunes which can be used to track time on smartphone and tablet.

Benefits of ZilicusPM Time Tracking Tool

Assess & streamline project progress by measuring performance of team's time spent on project activities
Auto populated tasks details & default values of task duration help you to quickly record timesheet details
Generate report of the timesheet details/the time log details team members have entered
Get timesheet data exported to .xls format which you can use in any other application to work further on timesheet data
Use timesheet data to compare planned vs actual vs recorded time spent on project activities/tasks Here's a demo video of the enhanced time tracking and billing features ZilicusPM makes it simpler for team members to record time spent on project activities. You can even submit timesheet on the go, using smartphone/tablet app.