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Project Risk Management Software Features

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Submit Project Risk

Project risk planning is important part of project planning. It is in best interest of the project & your organization that any risk should get highlighted early in its life. Using project risk management software ZilicusPM, it is very easy to submit a risk. ZilicusPM lets, any member of your team, to submit risk, as risk can be identified by anyone in the team.

While submitting a risk, beside basic information such as name, description; team members can also provide Risk Type and Likely Occurence Date
Submit New Risk using Project Risk Management Software - ZilicusPM

Project Risk Register in ZilicusPM Project Management Software

Project Risks Register

Once Risk is submitted, it gets recorded in Risk Register. All project team members can access risk register. Risk Register contains list of project risks with all of their details - such as Name, Reporter, status - whether open or closed, whether reviewed, assigned to whom, etc

It is quite easy to group risks by 'Status', 'Assigned To' or 'Submitted By' fields. You also have various reports to find out what is pending for review, etc.

Project Risk Assessment

As a project Manager, a newly submitted risk gets assigned to you, for your review. By reviewing risks you are supposed to ensure that risk exposure is evaluated and response plan is prepared. Project manager can provide risk assessment in terms of - probability & extent of impact project can have because of given risk.
ZilicusPM is online risk management system that allows you to assess risk impact and devise response strategy.
Define Project Risk Exposure using Risk Management Tool

Devise Risk Response Strategy using Risk Management System

Risk Response Plan

Once evaluation of Risk is done, next step is to prepare for battle - i.e. Create Response Plan. In the Risk Response Plan, you can provide whether you are planning to mitigate/accept/transfer/avoid given risk. Accordingly you can craft Mitigation/ Contingency Plan and delegate it to your team member for further action.
Project Risk management software ZilicusPM enables project managers to guide project team for devising project risk response strategy with contingency plan, mitigation plan.

Risks Dashboard & Reports

The advantage of project management software like ZilicusPM is, it gives you visual representation of Risks in your projects through dashboard. You get to know the status & severity of risks at a glance. Similarly, Risk reports are so easy to navigate and they comes quite handy that you can pick up required set of risks with just couple of clicks. Hence you will find Risk tracking quite an easy job.
Risk Heat Map in Project Management Software Dashboard

Export project risk report to excel

Export Risk Report to Excel

The proejct management software by Zilicus, lets you create different views of risk reports depending on status, etc (and further grouped by priority, created by, assigned to, etc). These reports can be exported to spreadsheet/excel file format. You will notice that in the report, the heading of the report is always visibile to you.

Also, all custom fields, the risk response plan, risk assessment details field will also get exported along with other visible fields of project risk.

Risk Report Views

Like other reports (tasks, issues) in ZilicusPM project management tools, you can view risk information in more intuitively. For a given risk report, team members can view report details based on various grouping parameters e.g. Assigned To, Status, Priority, etc.
The great advantage organizations have with online risk management software is - all project risk information can be accessed online - anywhere at any time. It means, you can access project risk reports whenever, wherever you want and do better risk management.
Project risk report views

ZilicusPM Is Complete Project Management Software For Your Team. Get Started Now!

ZilicusPM Free Project Management Software Trial Account

Why Should You Use Online Risk Management Tool?

Project risk management with online risk software

Risk happens. This statement, every practicing project manager and senior management fellows will agree, is true. Risks may be predictable or they simply occur without any prediction. Sure, The incidence of risk may be unplanned, but one can reduce the negative impact with incidence of such risks by being ready for it & responding appropriately. Risk Management is all about recognizing that risk may occur, assessings its impact, plan to respond it and delegate actions to respond it.
Traditionally, Project Managers who acknowledges importance of risk management, have been keeping risk registers & updating it during stakeholder's meeting. They have been reviewing risks for its impact assessment & preparing plan to manage those. Using simple spreadsheet or excel to track risks can become a activity in itself to manage - as you would need latest version to work with, share it with different people, track risks by polling team members. A lot of efforts will be spent in just running around this spreadsheets/excels.
Though excel, spreadsheet are simple & easy tool at your hand, You need a comprehensive solution to collaborate with your team. A central place where everyone can register, view & update risks. In simple words, you need a Risk Management Solution to make your life easier & be more productive.

ZilicusPM is your best Online Project Risk Management Software Solution

Significant number of organizations where project risk management is practiced, project managers in these organizations complain about - how they struggle to work with spreadsheets (as a risk register), maintaining versions of it, missing latest copy, sharing those with different stakeholders. Most importantly, fellow project managers find it difficult to keep track of what is happening with risks - whether registered, reviewed, closed. You need online project risk management software.

ZilicusPM - Is answer to your problems. Get rid of hassle to manage spreadsheet to manage risks. ZilicusPM is 100% web based solution for Risk Management that make your risk management hasselfree. Risk Register is available at a click of button. Get notified when new risk is submitted & pending for your review. Plan for mitigation or contingency of risk as appropriate. Most importantly, you know who is working on what and what progress has been made.
Unleash the power of collaboration & knowledge.

  • Lets you team member submit risks quit easily.
  • Get notified of new risks or risk updates
  • Review, Evaluate & Prepare a response Plan for risk
  • Delegate Risk to your team member to take care of it