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Project Portfolio Management Software | Features

Create Portfolio of Projects

ZilicusPM project portfolio management software allows portfolio managers to set up project-portfolio. Portfolio managers can specify portfolio budget, description, strategic goals, etc.
This is the first step towards organizing multiple projects under one portfolio. Portfolio managers can track these portfolio of projects at individual project level or rolled up portfolio level.
Add Portfolio in Project Management Software ZilicusPM

Define Portfolio Goals In Portfolio Project Management Software

Set Portfolio Goals and Objectives

Portfolio management means strategic initiatives for many businesses. Project portfolio managers can define goals and objective per portfolio using ZilicusPM project portfolio management software. It is expected that projects in a given portfolio will align to specified portfolio objectives and help organization to achieve portfolio goals.

Track Portfolio Status Summary

Executive management along with portfolio managers need to look at high level progress indicators for all related projects. The project portfolio management system ZilicusPM let you clearly see schedule progress at individual project level as well as portfolio level at an aggregate basis.
Portfolio Status Summary In Portfolio Project Management Software

Portfolio Health In Portfolio Project Management Software

Project Portfolio Health - Value Earned

Just as the way individual project manager would like to see value earned for a project, ZilicusPM provides a useful indicator for project portfolio managers to check value earned for a given portfolio.
Zilicus PPM software clearly shows schedule performance index as well as cost performance indext at project level as well as portfolio level.

Portfolio Dashboard in Project Portfolio Software

Portfolio managers and especially executive management would like to see high level status of projects undertaken by their organization. ZilicusPM - project portfolio management system provides a high level status of portfolio using portfolio dashboard - that is easy to skim, clear to understand the reality of projects.
The clear advantage organizations have with comprehensive project management tool ZilicusPM is, every aspect of project can be tracked using single central platform. And portfolio dashboard in ZilicusPM, exactly shows you key health indicators (schedule, resources, cost, issues, risks, progress) at one place.
Project Portfolio Dashboard Snapshot

Portfolio Gantt chart in ZilicusPM portfolio management software

Project Portfolio Gantt Chart

It is not surprising that project managers love Gantt Chart. With many other project management tools, if portfolio managers wants to check schedule progress, they have to check Gantt chart per project. ZilicusPM makes it super easy for portfolio managers to track multi-project Gantt chart at one place - Portfolio Gantt chart. Portfolio manager can decide which projects, which portfolios to be viewed in Gantt chart and in few clicks they can track multi-project Gantt chart in ZilicusPM.

Project Portfolio Reports

ZilicusPM project portfolio management software enables portfolio manager to easily track status of project-portfolio in terms of schedule, resources, cost, time, etc.

There are portfolio reports available for portfolio managers to view status of portfolio value earned, schedule progress, resources utilized, cost, billing, etc.
Project Portfolio Management