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Project Change Request Management Software | Features

Submit Project Change Request

ZilicusPM project management software enables clients, project stakeholders including team members to raise/submit new change request for a given project.

This is the first step in the project change management. Client/team member can also specify the expected date of implementing change request. As client/stakeholder submits new change request, it is directed towards project manager for his/her review because it may have impact on project plan.
New Project Change Request using Project Management Software ZilicusPM

Analyze Change Impact using Project Change Management Software

Analyze Project Change Request for Impact

ZilicusPM system automatically informs project manager about new change request. In order to decide about the change request project manager has to evaluate it from various perspectives. One of the critical perspective s/he has to keep in mind is, the impact (if change were to be implemented or not implemented) will have on the project progress, project goals, organization goals.

Evalute Change Request for Benefits

The other important aspect project manager has to assess before deciding the fate of change request is, the benefits project stakeholders, organizations can expect by implementing (or not implementing) the project change request.
Evaluting change request for benefits using project change management software ZilicusPM

Review : Approve/ Reject Project Change Request using change management software ZilicusPM

Review: Approve/ Reject Change Request

Once project manager has a considered possible impacts (positive/negative), listed benefits (or loss) by virtue of taking or implementing new changes requested by stakeholder, s/he would be in better position to decide, whether to approve or reject a given change request.

View All Change Requests at One Place

Client, stakeholder, team members, project managers can check the report of change requests submitted, pending for review, assigned to me and all project change requests in the context of a given project.

The clear advantage organizations have with complete project management tools like ZilicusPM is, every aspect of project can be tracked centrally, at one place. Very few PM software provide complete project management capabilities that includes incident management, risk management, change request management, stakeholder management, earned value analysis, etc.
Project Change Request Reports in ZilicusPM

Project Change Management Module Configuration in ZilicusPM

Modular Software, Enable Change Management

It is not surprising that project managers love Gantt Chart. With many other project management tools, if portfolio managers wants to check schedule progress, they have to check Gantt chart per project. ZilicusPM makes it super easy for portfolio managers to track multi-project Gantt chart at one place - Portfolio Gantt chart. Portfolio manager can decide which projects, which portfolios to be viewed in Gantt chart and in few clicks they can track multi-project Gantt chart in ZilicusPM.