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Compare : ZilicusPM Vs MS Project

Features ZilicusPM MS Project
Price/Cost $19.95 per user per month $749 per user licence MS Project Standard*
$1349 per user licence MS Project Professional*
(*Based on publicly available information.)
Online /Desktop Online, Access anywhere Desktop application.
Learning 1. ZilicusPM is incredibly easy to get started & intuitive use.
2. ZilicusPM provide online help guides too.
3. Soon, we will introduce 'How To' online videos
1. Huge learning curve for new users.
2. There is a need of training for new user. For normal user (including non-project managers) this can be deterant to use.
Usability ZilicusPM is designed to be user friendly. e.g. Have a look at issues, risks & reports, task information Since it is a Microsoft product, usability is fairly good. But that comes at a price of heavy memory footprint.
Features Completeness of useful features
1. Project Planning, Resource Management
2. Schedule Tracking, Project Monitoring
3. Issue Tracking and Management
4. Risk Register and Management
5. Timesheet Tracking
6. Online Calendar, Email Notification, Project Meeting Manager
7. Google Apps (Google Doc, Google Calendar) Integration
8. Portfolio Reports and Dashboard
9. Mobile Interface
10. Many Project management and collaboration features
MS Project is good for planning (i.e. scheduling) alone. Unless integrated with other solutions, out of the box it does not offer other capabilities required for project management i.e.
1. Issue/Bugs management,
2. Risk Management,
3. Timesheet Management,
4. Document Management (MS Project Professional needs to be installed with Sharepoint to manage documents)
5. MS Project inherently is not collaborative
Committment No long term committment is enforced. Pay for what you use One has to make upfront licence payment
Ease of Use/Complexity Easy to get started & intuitive to use. e.g. Risk can be reviewed & updated in just two clicks For a newbie, it is very difficult to start using it. Plus since it is a one solution for every industry (construction, software, PSA, etc); since requirements from all these industries are implemented in a single solution, it has become complex.
Clear Visibility - Real time Stylish & clean dashboard gives real picture of various aspects of project - Project Health in terms of Task progress, Issues, Risks, budget allocated vs cost incurred, Timeline, etc.

As well as porfolio dashboard gives real time health of portfolio of projects.
1. Project Dashboard & Portfolio dashboards are not available
2.MS project is considered as Project Manager's territory. The visibility of the project is upto the extent he/she himself/herself updates it
3. Again, the visibility is not real time & limited to project plan/schedule alone. It does not provide visibility in terms of issues or risks.
Gantt Chart 1. Interactive Gantt Chart (even dependency can be established interactively)
2. Always visible along with project schedule to showing you progress in real time
1. Well regarded feature of MS Project.
2. Team members can not update it, neither see progress made unless it is shared with them
Auto Validation of Task Dependency ZilicusPM support all kind of dependencies (S2S, F2F, S2F, F2S) with lag time. Tasks are scheduled automatically based on the type of dependencies. Yes. Provided with manual & auto validation features.
Email Alerts, Preferences Built in functionality to inform stakeholder about assignement, change of progress, etc of task, issue, meetings and risk. One can set preferences for frequency of these emails This feature is not available out of the box
Risk Management 1. Online Risk Register : Identify risk earlier in its life.
2. Highlight risks for project manager's review
3. Set risk response strategy, mitigation plan, contingency plan, etc
Not available
Issue/Incident Management 1. Informative & Ready to use reports available.
2. Instant view of lifecycle of a given issue/bug
3. Issues are within projects
Not available
Document Management Allows labeling, creation of major minor versions of project files. Additionally PM can have confidential folder to which he/she has exclusive access. Not available unless integrated with sharepoint. Managing sharepoint in itself needs separate maintenance & learning curve to use
Project Organogram ZilicusPM makes it easier to manage project access & privileges to users through project organogram. For senior management to view projects, they need not be added to each project. Project organogram makes it automatically. This feature is not available in MS Project
Online Project calendar, My Calendar Useful online calendar that provides real time shows update of tasks/to-do list It is integrated with MS Outlook but it not online.
Training Though online training will be available all the time, On-premise training can be arranged. Personal training, can be arranged through a formal channel with implied cost.
Mobile Interface Available Not available
Google App Integration Available. ZilicusPM integrates seamlessly with Google Docs, Google Calendar, User Provisioning, Google Contacts. It is enlisted on Google Apps Marketplace Not available
MS Project Integration Available NA