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Compare : ZilicusPM Vs Clarizen Vs AtTask

Features ZilicusPM Clarizen AtTask
Price/Cost $19.95 per user per month
$179.40 per user per year
$49.95 per user per month (Professional version)
$64.95 per user per month (Enterprise version)
$84.95 per user per month (Unlimited version)
$39.95 per user per month
(Based on publicly available information)
Learning Incredibly quick. ZilicusPM is incredibly easy to get started & intuitive to use. ZilicusPM provide online video guides, user guides, comprehensive support. Difficult to use system without introductary webinar & other online support, etc. Mandatory training sessions since the product is complex to start using.
Usability ZilicusPM is designed to be user friendly.
  1. Apt use of icons and text for labels, buttons guided by progress indicator
  2. The solution is quite easy to naviagate (1st level, 2nd level, 3rd level), find information and perform actions.
  1. At first, user may get overwhelmed with the amount of information available at panels, menu bars and buttons.
  2. One need to hover mouse over icons to figure out what action can be taken with a given button.
  3. The application is not quite easy to navigate
Owing to its huge amount of customization options available, it may be a daunting task for newbie to get started without a formal training with such training.
Features Completeness of useful project management and collaboration features Too many features & configurations available to user. It can overwhelm a normal project management professional. Extensive features and overwhelming number of configurations are available
Committment No long term committment is enforced. Users can pay for what they use. The default displayed price on website is $24.95 per use per month but this price is applicable only if user is ready for three years committment. Since the product comes with extensive configuration and training requirement, implicit long duration committment is expected
Getting started Quite easy.
Easy to get started & intuitive to use. ZilicusPM application does hand-holding for the user, right from the begining.
Getting started is easy with an introductory training. Getting started is easy only with initial investment, extensive customization and introductory training sessions - separate for administrator, project managers and other users
Performance Incredibly fast. You feel like a operating a desktop based system. Users & reviews have reported slow performance of the application.  
Gantt Chart Available.
Incredibly quick editing- with the interactive gant chart creating project schedule is like a breeze. Plus it shows \progress in real time.
As a default, Gantt chart is not visible along with task list. Need to open it up separately. Available.
Auto Validation of Task Dependency Available.
We support all types of task dependencies (F2F, F2S, S2F, S2S) and auto-validate the schedule for changes.
Available. Available.
Online Meeting Manager Truly unique feature that no other PM tool offers. Project Team members can schedule meetings, send calendar invite (iCal, Outlook, Google, Yahoo, Lotus Note, etc), share meeting agenda, Minutes of Meeting (MoM) and Action Items with due with participants. Keeps all meetings information at one place. Not Available Not Available
Issue Management
  1. Informative & Ready to use reports available.
  2. Instant view of lifecycle of a given issue/bug
  3. Issues are within projects
  4. Audit log/trail available
- Complex mechanism to generate reports.
- No visual representation of lifecycle of issue/bug
- Issue management is at a global level and shown outside the project workspace..
- Available
- Without visual workflow of issue status
Risk Management Using ZilicusPM, you get an online risk register for each project. Project manager can review risks, assess those for impact, create response strategy and delegate to your team members. There is no out-of-the-box risk register. You can create risk register through report. AtTask does not provide out-of-the box risk management capability.
Visibility Stylish & clean dashboard gives real picture of various aspects of project e.g. Issues, Risks, Tasks, Project Health, Timeline, etc. As well as porfolio dashboard gives real time health of portfolio of projects. Only limited visibility of project aspects such as Project Tasks & given Project. There is no dashboard to visualize health of portfolio of projects. Good visibility to project status through project & portfolio dashboard
Project Organogram ZilicusPM makes it easier to manage project access & privileges to users through project organogram. For senior management to view projects, they need not be added to each project. Project organogram makes it automatically. No such hierarchy provided. Available but only to access employee information rather than managing project access.
Online Project calendar, My Calendar Useful online calendar that provides real time shows update of tasks/to-do list There is no off-the-shelf capability to see tasks due on his/her name through online calendar. Yes, available
Mobile Interface Available Available Available
Google App Integration Available Available Available
MS Project Integration Available Available Available