ZilicusPM Project Management Software for Better Customer Collaboration

ZilicusPM Project Management Software for Better Customer Collaboration

If you have been tracking general industries (like manufacturing, logistics, engineering, aviation, technology, etc.), I am sure you would have noticed the changing dynamics of enterprise IT projects. Any specific reason that you can think of, why things are changing so drastically?

  1. Business landscape itself is changing so fast that it is a challenge for organization to be relevant
  2. Stakeholders are expecting RoI for every penny they are spending
  3. Stakeholders have become more aware of value, benefits, more than ever
  4. Stakeholders are demanding for greater transparency and accountability

And when I say stakeholder, it can be internal or external stakeholder. If we specifically look at customers, they are the most influential stakeholder for any business. It wouldn’t be wrong to say, customers are the main driver for changing business dynamics. Customer’s expectations are changing, customer’s requirement/expectations have now become more specific, more agile; in short they are now perceived to as demanding customers.

Project Management Software for Better Customer Collaboration

But as they say, things happen for good. If you are good at delivering value to a customer, exceeding his expectation; you are only going to see, the ‘survival of the fittest’ rule is followed. It means that you will have to adapt to the changing business landscape which requires you to work closely with customers. Organization anyway have to deliver greater business benefits to customers, that’s given. What is imperative for your organization: is, You will have to move up in a ladder using right tools, techniques and processes.

And this is very much true in case of project management software. Do you represent a consulting firm, IT services or engineering services or for that matter any organization that is delivering projects to its customer? You need a right project management software that allows you to collaborate with your customers. When we speak of collaboration, we mean ongoing engagement, seeking continuous feedback, sharing project progress, being transparent and accountable.

ZilicusPM Project Management Software for Better Customer Collaboration

Let’s look at how ZilicusPM enables you to stay ahead of others, how this project management software enables better collaboration with customers.

What are the advantages of using ZilicusPM for customer collaboration?

  • Dealing transparently with customer
  • Identifying exact responsibility and accountability
  • Regular customer involvement
  • Constant feedback
  • No bad surprise at the end
  • No extra cost to pay for customer collaboration

How does ZilicusPM project management software enable better customer collaboration?

ZilicusPM Project Management Software For Better Customer Collaboration

ZilicusPM project management software gives you lot of flexibility and avenues to collaborate with customers. It also gives you control over, the extent to which you can share access/ control collaboration with customer.

  • Inviting customer to central project management software platform
  • Providing customers access to project schedule progress
  • Assignment of project tasks to customer users
  • Access to project dashboard (limited, configurable)
  • Access to project Issues/incidents/bugs
  • Access to project Documents
  • Access to project Discussion Forums
  • Access to project Task Comments
  • Access to project Issue Comments

Let me quote one of our customers who has extended ZilicusPM with its clients.

'Zilicus is amazingly almost-perfect.... In just 2 hours I could understand it. In 2 days we’ve built an entire project, involving customer (who is also surprised with your easy-to-use tools).'

Real Use Case

Zilicus has customers which represent IT services companies, consulting organizations as well as engineering services organizations that are using ZilicusPM to manage extensive customer collaboration; and customers are regularly involved in project activities using ZilicusPM. Some of these projects are billable to customers, so organizations find it really most prudent to use ZilicusPM as a central platform for managing projects, tracking project costs, billing, managing billable resources, managing customers & their expectations/issues/documents.

Do you want to make ZilicusPM for you, for your clients to collaborate better? I’d encourage you to sign up for 30-days free trial of ZilicusPM and explore it by yourself.