Switching From Desktop to Online Project Management Software

Challenges in Migrating From Desktop to Online Project Management Software

We have been working closely with enterprise customers to onboard them. It is not surprising to see that users in enterprise organizations are locked to some legacy systems over the years. Organization would be using Microsoft Projects like project planning/ project management software. Everyone understands that their current project management tool (that includes MS Excel) is not working well for their team, organization as smoothly as it should. There would be significant communication gap, productivity loss and delayed project delivery observed.

Switching from Desktop to Online Project Management Software

Switching From Desktop to Online Project Management Software

So executive management along with project management professionals in these organizations realized the need to address the real problems: Seamless project collaboration, keeping stakeholders informed and simple ways for team members to keep updating project information.

Yet using new generation of cloud based online project management means a sea change for all of them, as they move away from desktop to Online Project Management Software. What are some of the reservations, negative biases users have toward cloud based project management software?

  • Project data security concerns
  • Project information sharing and confusion about project activities update
  • User Access Levels
  • Change in experiences: User Interface/ Training
  • Improvement/changes in business process/workflow

The notion of having control over the data stored is certainly understandable, it is also important to understand the concern over the way project information is shared among stakeholders: project sponsors, team members, portfolio managers, partners, etc. And it is true especially when online project management software brings in transparency and accountability in project management process as well as project communication. The point I am trying to emphasize here is switching from desktop based (or legacy) project management software to cloud based online project management software is easy for project teams and organizations at large.

Let me share few things we have learned hard way to help project teams and organization to well-receive, adopt and embrace online project management software.

Data Security as crucial aspect in evaluating online project management software

Customers have data security as one of the major requirement while evaluating project management software. Some of the security related questions organizations ask are

  • Where do you host data - Data center service provider, data center location?
  • What are security policies for hosting provider and as a vendor?
  • What are access levels for users, resources working for software service provider?

Data back up as important evaluation criteria of cloud based project management software

Some regions and industries have statutory or legal compliance requirement that governs how cloud based software service providers handle business, personal data; guiding on how it is stored, secured and backed up.

In such cases, customers do ask us about

  • How is ZilicusPM project management platform secured in terms of data storage?
  • How we back up the organization data and how frequently such back up is performed?

In next post, we will look at other aspects that organizations should consider to garner higher RoI using cloud based project management software.