Timeless Resolutions for Better Project Collaboration

Resolutions for Better Project Collaboration:-

Better Project Collaboration

Though resolutions typically meant as new year resolution here are timeless resolution for better project collaboration.

  • Organization can decentralize/delegate administration and management using a collaboration platform
  • In today's work environment, it is plain mistake if you do not have a centralized project schedule/task management platform. If you don't have centralized project management software, you should get one
  • Have a plan to enable enterprise collaboration, change collaboration practices from email to use collaboration workflow
  • Read more for other resolution for better project collaboration.

Should You Outsource Your Project Management?

Outsourcing - another resolution for better project collaboration

We have heard of software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a service (IaaS). But there are similar trends in other sectors also. Project management as a discipline is now extended as a service also.

One has to look at pros-cons, risks and cultural integration of vendor/contractor for project management outsourcing but still PMaaS101 will give us options to consider. If SLA, KPI and strategic alignment of the outsourced project management are in favor of your organization, outsourcing project management can be a good option. Here is an article favoring positively to answer a question why should you outsource project management.

The Top 10 Project Management Books

I loved the first quote JD Meier has shared while listing top 10 project management book. The quote is

"No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra." - H.E. Luccock.

I can't stop but share another real gem from the same article

Execution is what separates many teams and individuals from the people who have good ideas, and the people that actually ship them.

JD Meier has listed top ten project management book about agile project management for software engineering, agile project management with Kanban board, flawless execution and so on. A must see list of top project management book.

PMO and Risk Associated with Implementing PMO

Harry Hall in an article listed out 40 odd reasons why Project Management Office can fail for an organization trying to implement PMO. He noted based on his experience over the years why PMO implementation fail or organizations struggled with successfully implementing a PMO. Some of the issues/risks that he has pointed out really questions the basic motive of implementing PMO or failure to understand basic purpose of PMO. It is an interesting read to know risks associated with implementing PMO.

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