Project Management Lessons Learned in 2014

Here are project management lessons learned over the years and especially seen being highlighted in year 2014.

Project Management Lessons Learned
  1. You got to tell your story, sell it to your project team, higher management and customers; present yourself as a brand
  2. Every situations offers opportunities, even failure does! Go after those opportunities
  3. Clearly know what your and your teamís priorities are
  4. Once you focus on your priorities, have passion and commitment to deliver it
  5. Being efficient is expected from you. Try to go further and be effective to make the difference
  6. The key to growth is delegation. And successful delegation is about sharing credit and owning up responsibility
  7. Tom Dick Harry can start questioning anything. You have to be ready with alternative solutions before you start asking questions.
  8. Always do what is best for your company. You will never have to provide excuses

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