Inter-Department Project Collaboration Introduced in ZilicusPM Project Management Software

ZilicusPM enterprise project management software launched inter-department project collaboration features along with multiple calendar capabilities in ZilicusPM11.0. The newest version of ZilicusPM allows better project management experience for enterprise customers with multi-location teams.

Zilicus, the leading provider of the project management software - ZilicusPM, has launched project management software ZilicusPM11.0. It enables enterprises to configure multi-location sub-organizations teams with different working calendars thereby enabling inter-department project collaboration. The latest version also introduced Simplified Chinese language interface.

Here are some of the features introduced in project management software ZilicusPM11.0

Inter-Department Project Collaboration

For enterprise customers who have teams working from multiple locations: across multiple countries, can set up department or sub-organization corresponding to each location and associate employees from these location to respective departments. The terminology ‘Department’ does not necessarily denote location, customers can use department to set up functional organizations like Marketing, Operations, PMO, HR, etc. ZilicusPM enables inter-department project collaboration by allowing customers to create mutliple sub-organization or departments.

Multiple Calendars

Enterprise customers who have resources working in different countries can configure multiple calendar for each country. This feature allows enterprise customers to have multiple calendars. There can be situations where project manager is based out of one country and rest of the team members are working from different countries. Each country has its own working calendar in terms of holidays, working weekdays, number of working hours, etc. This feature will allow customers to set up multiple working calendars and associate a project with given organization, in turn to a given calendar.

Inter-department project collaboration in ZilicusPM project management software

Configuring multiple calendar for resources and projects ensure that project resources are optimally allocated and assigned work according to their working calendar. ZilicusPM system takes care of optimal resource assignment by itself, relieving project managers from this pain.

Simplified Chinese Interface

In order to make it easier for our customers located in China to use ZilicusPM in their local language, we have introduced ZilicusPM in Chinese interface.

Project Management Software ZilicusPM Chinese Interface

There are additional enhancements introduced in ZilicusPM11.0 like

Reopen Approved Expenses

Highly dependable project data replication

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