How ZilicusPM Project Management Software Helps Professional Services Organizations to Manage Business?

ZilicusPM Project Management Software For Professional Services Organizations

The biggest business driver for professional services organization is successful project delivery thereby billing of consultants working on a given project. Knowing what professionals/consultants are currently working on, optimally assigning them to project and real time tracking of project cost and billing amount is what ZilicusPM project management software for professional services does the best.

There are plenty of things a project manager has to worry about however for a project manager in professional services organization is concerned about primarily five things. Let's look at those.

Plan Projects, Estimate Cost, Billability and Resources

The most crucial aspect for sustainably growing professional services is margin/profitability of services rendered to customers. The business heads or VP of professional services would take up new projects if the future value or project margins is going to yield positively.

Using ZilicusPM project management software for professional services, project managers can quickly create projects schedule, the financial indicators in project dashboard shows them

  1. Estimate resources cost
  2. Estimated billability
  3. Required resources and their availability to deliver projects

ZilicusPM enables project manager to perform timeline, financial, resource assessment even before taking up new projects. This helps management to decide whether to take up new projects or not.

Even further, the portfolio management in ZilicusPM clearly informs project managers and senior management about earned value of portfolio and projects thereof at any given point.

Manage Project States using ZilicusPM project management software for professional services

Project Managers Know Exactly Who is Working on What

Any professional services organization would like to optimally allocate, assign its consultants or technical resources such that, their billability, margin remains higher. The biggest challenge they face is to identify whether a given resources is available or occupied.

Many times, your consultants, technical & support professionals are working on multiple projects simultaneously, thereby making them busy/available intermittently.

ZilicusPM Project management software for professional Services helps organizations with two important aspects

  1. Clearly knowing such intermittent availability or busy-ness of your resources
  2. Even in case of partial availability, ZilicusPM empowers project managers to assign resource work on daily basis, in a refined fashion

Resource Info in ZilicusPM Project Management Software for Professional Services

Track Overtime and Billable Time

Unless PSO knows how much it is going to cost to deliver projects and how much top-line/review it can generate, it will never be able to remain sustainable. As they say, what gets measured, gets done - but I would say, what gets measured, gets improved.

ZilicusPM project management software for professional services, enables team members to track time worked on project deliverable - tasks, meetings, issues, etc. It is intuitively designed to suggest/prompt you what you should be submitting this week, and how much. Thus for a given project, project managers knows who many hours are tracked (regular or overtime) and what is corresponding billability he/she can expect.

Track Project Expenses, Bills

If you have consultants, technical support professionals deployed onsite (to customer location), they would be incurring certain expenses related to stay, travel, etc. Project management system ZilicusPM provides a quick and simple way to track project expenses so that team members can submit expense items, amount, receipts and project manager can review & approve those.

These project expenses gets accounted towards actual cost incurred for a given project, thereby giving you a right picture of project financial.

Check Project Activities in Calendar

Typically consultants working in a professional services check their calendar quite frequently (more of a habit) as they have to work on multiple activities (possibly for multiple clients). So what they would need is reliable, mobile calendar-view of project activities expected from them.

Using ZilicusPM project management software for professional services, whenever any project tasks is assigned to project team members/ project consultants they will receive email notification in their inbox and optionally the task assignment will get added to their calendar so that whenever task is expected to start, they will be reminded.

Optionally there are more email preferences which reminds project team members if their tasks, issues or risks are not completed by expected due/completion date.

  Add Task To Calendar - Email Preferences in ZilicusPM

Use a Central Platform to Manage Projects

As we are talking to hundreds of customers every week, we realize that they lack a central platform to manage projects, to collaborate. Sending documents, spreadsheet and tasks through email is not a collaboration, unless it is looped back to a central platform.

ZilicusPM project management system for professional services provides you one central place for your project plan, project task update, issues, documents, resource capacity planning, meetings, timesheet, expenses, project reports and dashboard.

Collaborate With Clients - Transparently

The major advantage/plus-point users of ZilicusPM realize is: they can work with their clients. ZilicusPM enables them to invite client users free of cost and be confidently transparent to do business with them.

If project manager invite customers to projects in ZilicusPM, clients can know the project plan, the progress made at any given point in time, he can participate in discussion forum, add task comments, be part of project meeting, highlight issues/incidents and track those.

That said, your organization still exert controls/configuration in ZilicusPM that decides what project information should client users access.