Online Project Management Software ZilicusPM8.2 Released with Improved Portfolio Management

Zilicus, the award winner online project management software, released its newest version ZilicusPM 8.2, improving its portfolio tracking & management.

Zilicus, cloud based collaboration solutions provider of online project management software - ZilicusPM, has released newest version ZilicusPM 8.2. The latest version of ZilicusPM improves portfolio tracking, management. It also offers many enhancements and new features to make project access, timesheet and expenses tracking simpler, quicker and more effective.

Here is brief information of the features introduced in the latest version

Project portfolio tracking and management

Organizations managing portfolio of projects will now be able to define, effectively track and manage project portfolio using ZilicusPM.

One can also set strategic objectives, goals of portfolio and track parameters of portfolio progress in terms of schedule, cost to check alignment with strategic goals and objects.



Custom Field for Task

Just like issues, projects, risks, project managers can now set values for tasks using custom fields. These custom fields for task can also be tracked through custom reports.

Other enhancements

There are other enhancement introduced and issues resolution provided as a part of ZilicusPM8.2 making project timesheet submission and tracking for customers, expenses tracking easier and reports provided out of the box. For more information please visit ZilicusPM 8.2 preview page. If you would like to manage projects effectively, ZilicusPM is the right solution; not just for you as a project manager (for its completeness) but also for your team members (for its simplicity & ease of use), as well as executive management (dashboard, reports). Sign up for 30-days risk free trial.