Online Project Management Software ZilicusPM 9.2 Released

Zilicus, the leading provider of project management software, released its newest version ZilicusPM 9.2, to enable project managers quickly setup periodic project tasks, to help project team members record overtime work; also addition of new reports to track overtime hours, cost to project.

Zilicus, cloud based collaboration solutions provider of project management software - ZilicusPM, has released newest version ZilicusPM 9.2. The latest version of ZilicusPM has smart ways to create recurring project tasks, offers enhanced way to report overtime adding greater visibility into project cost using overtime cost reports.

Here is a brief of enhancements introduced in this version of project management tool - ZilicusPM 9.2.

Adding Periodically Recurring Tasks to Project Schedule

The latest version of online project management software ZilicusPM introduced a quickest way to create periodically recurring tasks to project plan. A project manager can create recurring project tasks in following fashion :

  1. Daily Project Tasks Recurrence
  2. Weekly Project Tasks Recurrence
  3. Monthly Project Tasks Recurrence

A screenshots below shows how a project manager can create recurring project tasks.

Menu Add Recurring Project Tasks in ZilicusPM

Add Recurring Tasks To Project Plan

Monitoring Overtime Hours and Cost

ZilicusPM now allows project team members to keep record of work they have performed as overtime hours; and project manager can track overtime cost added to project.

Enter Overtime Hours Project Timesheet in ZilicusPM

Hourly overtime cost rate for users can be set at global level and project manager can set project specific overtime cost rate for each team member.

New reports are introduced in ZilicusPM to track overtime hours for project, as well as to identify cost implication of overtime hours and overtime cost per individual team member.

Timesheet-Overtime-Report in ZilicusPM Overtime-Time-Cost-Report-Selection

Here is a list of new enhancements, bug fixes introduced as a part of ZilicusPM 9.2

  • Sort Order of Replies in Discussion forum
  • Approved leaves can be seen in My Calender
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