Early Preview of Project Management System: ZilicusPM 9.1

Early Preview of Project Management System: ZilicusPM 9.1

We listened to you, heard your expectations. And in the next week we will be upgrading your choice of the best project management system - ZilicusPM, to have features, enhancements suggested by some of you. ZilicusPM 9.1, the upgraded version of project management system will allow you set weekly working hours for your organization. It also provides clear view into resource assignment using resource work load and allow project managers to change daily assignment hours in the report itself. New enhancements in ZilicusPM enable better project collaboration with customer through project issues, configure emails notification and lot more

Set Working Hours Per Working Day For Your Organization

Not every organization has working hours as 40 hrs a week, it can be less than 40 hours (e.g. 37.5 hrs) or more than 40 hours (e.g. 42.5 hrs). The version being released in next week will give you the flexibility to set working hours per day for your organization. This value will be taken into account to compute resource availability per day, resource load per day as well as calculating resource utilization.

Workings Hours Per Day For Project Organization in ZilicusPM Project Management Software

We are also considering a request to be able to configure working hours per working day for individual resource. This enhancement will be considered for future version of ZilicusPM project management system.

Clearly See Visuals of & Modify Project Resource Load/ Efforts In the Report Itself

Looking for quickest way to change assignment of multiple project resources across multiple projects at one place? Many of you wanted a capability to modify resource assignment (efforts/ hours assigned) in a resource load chart reports itself. ZilicusPM 9.1 will allow project managers to modify resource assigned hours against a given project task.

Modify Resource Efforts Resource Load Chart in ZilicusPM Project Management System

Note - It is only a project owner (and those have project planning access to respective projects) who can modify resource load in this report but again - it is restricted to their own projects. One can not modify assignment of resources in somebody else's project. We hope this enhancement as requested by some of ZilicusPM customers, will be beneficial for others too - in terms of better resource management, capacity planning and resource tracking.

Configure Customer's Access To All Issues In a Project

Now you as project manager, can configure whether your clients should access all issues or only those assigned to them. Another good news is - you can have such configuration each project that you are managing. This enhancement was mostly requested by customers in professional services organization who have to work closely with clients and update client for project specific issues.

Show All Issues To Customer Preference using ZilicusPM Project Management System

Assign Internal Issue To Customer

Even better - now you can assign your internal issue to customer. Earlier there was restriction that only those issues/bugs/ incidents created by clients could be assigned back to clients. Such restriction will no longer be enforced.

View Tasks Linked To a Given Issue

Team members working on issues / incidents / bugs can view task to which given issue is related; in short, project team members can assess what is the possible impact a given issue has on project task i.e. project schedule/timeline.

Set Project Completion Date

Just like actual completion date of a task can be set, project manager can now set actual completion date for a project. The project completion date can be manually set by project owner while changing the project status to 'Completed' state.

Configure Emails To Be Received for Project Issue and Project Risk Comments

Some of you wanted to be notified whenever a new comment is added to issue or risk. The next version of project management system - ZilicusPM will allow you to configure email preference sucht that you can receive email notification as soon as new issue comment or risk comment is added.

If you would like to manage projects effectively, you will need a project management system that will work for your organization, for your team, for your customer, for your stakeholders. We can help you in selecting the right project management system.for you. ZilicusPM is the right solution; not just for you as a project manager (for its completeness) but also for your team members (for its simplicity & ease of use), as well as executive management (dashboard, reports). Sign up for 30-days risk free trial.

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