Early Preview of Project Management Software: ZilicusPM 9.2

Zilicus, cloud based collaboration solution provider of the best project management software - ZilicusPM, will be launching the latest version of ZilicusPM 9.2 to enable quicker project planning, better timesheet tracking and few additional enhancements.

I am happy to share a preview of ZilicusPM 9.2 here.

Major Update

  • Recurring Project Tasks - to create daily, weekly, monthly recurring tasks
  • Track overtime hours and cost

Enhancements & bug-fixes

  • Sort discussion boards and set sorting preference
  • Leaves will be shown in personal calendar

Add Recurring Tasks to Project

To simplify project manager's life while scheduling recurring tasks, ZilicusPM will enable setting up recurring project tasks. There are multiple ways of setting up recurrence.

  1. Daily Recurring tasks
  2. Weekly Recurring Tasks
  3. Monthly Recurring Tasks

A screenshots below will illustrate how to use project tasks recurrence .

Menu Add Recurring Project Tasks in ZilicusPM

Selecting Recurring Tasks from Task Menu

Set Recurring Project Tasks in ZilicusPM

Set up Recurring Tasks

Track Overtime Hours and Cost

Some of our customers have been looking for a way to track overtime hours and overtime project cost. This version will enable project team members to enter overtime against project tasks. Project managers can review these timesheet entries (overtime and regular, both) and approve or reject those.

Enter Overtime Hours Project Timesheet in ZilicusPM

Hourly overtime cost rate for users can be set at global level and project manager can set project specific overtime cost rate for each team member.

Set Resource Overtime Rate Global - ZilicusPM

Set Resource Overtime Rate - Global Level in ZilicusPM

Set Resource Overtime Rate For Project in ZilicusPM

Set Resource Overtime Rate For Project in ZilicusPM

The project cost will consider overtime cost rate and approved overtime hours of project team members. We have provided reports to track overtime hours for each project, as well as to identify cost implication of overtime as a whole and overtime cost per individual team member.

Timesheet-Overtime-Report in ZilicusPM Overtime-Time-Cost-Report-Selection

Sort Discussion Posts and Set Sorting Preference

This enhancement will allow team members to sort discussion post entries either chronological or reverse-chronological order. They can also set sorting preference.

Sort Order of Replies within Project Discussion Post

Leaves Shown in My Calendar

Now a user can check his/her leaves in My Calendar in ZilicusPM.


If you would like to manage projects effectively, you will need a project management software that will work for your organization, for your team, for your customer, for your stakeholders. We can help you in selecting the right project management software for you. ZilicusPM is the right solution; not just for you as a project manager (for its completeness) but also for your team members (for its simplicity & ease of use), as well as executive management (dashboard, reports). Sign up for 30-days risk free trial.