What Makes Project Management Different

Project Management is DifferentThe first question one would ask me, 'Project management different from what?' The answer: project management is different from other management activities - like managing some routine things, managing class/ managing training or managing engineering workshop floor.


Because every project is different

No one can refute this fact. All-encompassing or holistically, each project has unique aspects to manage.

Every requirement is different

Project scope, project requirement for each project is different. The technicalities, resources, situations are different which makes each requirement to be managed with unique approach.

There is always pressure to deliver

Though this one is common across most of the project; there is always pressure to deliver project keeps project manager and his team on toes. The pressure is to deliver on time, within budget, with quality.

Each stakeholders is different

Since for every new project, stakeholder is different, working with them makes project management experience a learning experience. Knowing customer of project, higher management, end users, team members, partners/vendors is literally understanding different personalities and working with them.

Estimation turns out to be different than those of actual

Though project managers have consistent experience with the bottom line of project estimate, different project require varied approaches of estimation - aggressive estimation, estimation with substantial buffer, neck-to-neck estimation, etc.

Each project resource has different aspiration

Having aspiration is natural, obvious for each team member. The real challenge project manager and higher management face, is to align these individual aspirations with project objective, to maximum possible extent.

Limited resources, budget makes it pressing and interesting to work

You cannot avoid it. In my experience almost every project manager has complained about limited resources (budget, team, infrastructure, etc.). But that's what makes a project manager's job interestingly challenging. It gives unique challenges for project manager to solve in order to meet project objective keeping comfortable working environment for the team.

In all these variations, you can use our project management software - ZilicusPM to bring consistency in project processes, clear visibility about project delivery and health.