Transforming a Good Project Manager into the Great Project Manager?

Jim Collins in 2001 published a research about 'more than 1400 companies', analyzed those for more than 40 years of their existence. The finding of the research lead him to identify why certain companies are hugely successful over the period whereas other could not. Essentially it is about differences between how great companies and good companies: " Good to great". It attributed the success of great companies to
  • Level five (5) leadership
  • Hedgehog-ing (clarity about best capabilities, passion, driving resources)
  • Being ruthlessly honest, disclose facts
  • Culturally disciplined, etc
The research has been a great resource for businesses and business leaders. I find it interesting to draw similarities from this research inthe context of project management. Since this research has emphasized on level-five leadership and drive of passionate people in the organization; it is interesting to identify difference between 'Good Project Manager' and the 'Great Project Manager'. So here is my list.  
Good Project Manager Great Project Manager
Contribution to organization Get the work done Invaluable
Accountability Mostly limited to my project Full accountability, thus takes on risks with controlled manner but with full zest
Success is When project gets delivered on time, within budget with desired quality. When desired Impact is realized for our business and customer. Of course, for him/her, project should be delivered on time, within budget with desired quality.
Real work Is done when project plan is worked out really well Starts after detailing project plan. He/she is ready for risks, issues/incidents, resource fluctuations, scope changes, deviation in sponsor's interests
Behavior Let's face the issue as it occurs, remain prepared. Proactive and initiative; anticipate risks as well as opportunities and align project activities to manage those, right from beginning
Personality Trait Leader Leader + Teacher + Motivator + Listener
Team is to be Managed, controlled to deliver project Motivated, given freedom to perform best of their abilities for the benefit of project
Processes Are to be followed Are to be aligned for success of project than sake of following those
Project management tool Are good for planning and makes my job easier Understand that it is just a tool but 'encourage team members to participate and engage' in order to make informed decision. Thus deeply understands underline importance of a good project management software.
Communication Knows that it happens over the period, and he/she can take action as appropriate He/she is very clear of communication requirement in the project. Well defined strategy for Clear and unambiguous communication at every level
Thought process Thinks what a good project manager would do. Takes unconventional paths, convinces management, team as well as customers to dive in and make it happen
  What are your observations? Anything that you would like to add to this list? Post by Dhan Wagholikar

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