This week in Project Management and Leadership (13-19 Jan 2013)

Here is a quick view of project management and leadership articles, activities covered in this week

Project Management and Leadership
Project Management and Leadership

Five personality traits to benefit any project manager

Guest blogger at SME-blog shares five personality traits for the benefit of project manager. The traits/characteristics being

  • Excellent communication skill
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Methodical approach, problem solving skill among others

Projects happen in many ways

Based on the tweet shared by Thomas Kennedy (@ThePMCoach) as "Project happen in two ways: Planned and then executed or Executed, stopped, planned and then executed" Ron Rosenhead has identified multiple trajectories in which project lifecycle changes. It can be based on project risks, stakeholder's, sponsor's

Do you really need everything you have?

In this post at Association for Project Management, Mark Reeson has pointed out the contrasting behavior of sustainability initiatives taken, as experienced by him. He also shares his experience why certain organizations are more focused on quality processes rather than the final quality of the product. Thus the question - Do you really need everything you have?

Defending Requirements and methodology used?

In the post at Musings on project management, John Goodpasture shares his experience & learning from his student - who identifies the difference between agile project management methodology and traditional project management methodology.

To put in his own words:

"[Agile] depends much less on a rigorous and well defended set of requirements (e.g. stories) and much more on delivery of product that can be reviewed by the customer much sooner and expectation of changes to those requirements based on customer feedback on the solutions as they are developed and delivered at end of sprint."

What are your project values - book review by Elizabeth Harrin

In the blog 'Girls Guide To Project Management', Elizabeth has reviewed 'Second Order Project Management, book. The post shares values for project teams - 'values are set of rules that drives the way we live', some of these values mentioned are 'We never promise what we know we can't deliver', 'We have permission to make mistakes without blame' and so on.

For the team, at Zilicus we think this wish-list should really be ingrained in our culture (though by and large we follow these)


Transform 2013 by Turning Goals into Questions

This HBR blog post by Hal Gregersen share an excellent way of managing and organizing our activities - not by creating goals but by identifying challenges/difficulties we face and enlisting questions to solve these challenges like 'Challenge Statement and Question Goal' format.

Why We Find it Hard to Change Our Behavior?

In this post at LeadershipNow blog, author has aptly pointed out why it is so difficult to change behavior - because behavior change is just surface change and it is not deeply rooted to the way we think. To change our behavior, we need to change the way we think.

In authors own word "It's right thinking over time that brings about lasting change. It's a process. It's a long history of repeated behaviors in the same direction that builds character."

B2B CMOs, Have You Started 2013 Strong?

The forrester blog post equips chief marketing officers (CMO) to take certain initiatives to get ready for year 2013 like focusing on mobile engagement & marketing automation efforts, leveraging customer insights, emphasizing on digital thought leadership contents

Finding your leadership style

Kevin Eikenberry shares his differentiated views about leadership style - stating there is no such perfect leadership style. He has laid out seven strategies to reinforce leadership style that will work well for you. These strategies mostly revolves around identifying your personality, learning from experiences, seeking feedback, etc.

Image source: Boise State University