Online Project Management Software ZilicusPM 7.5 launched

Zilicus, leading provider of online project management software, launched the latest version ZilicusPM 7.5, redesigning its user interface and enhancing user experience.

The latest minor version of ZilicusPM has improved its look and feel, enhanced user interface in Interactive Gantt chart thus making it easier and quicker for users to manage project artifacts.

Here is brief information of the enhancements featured in the latest version

Enhanced User Interface

We wanted to make ZilicusPM interface easier for eyes; after quick run-ups of three variations with some of our customers, and hearing their feedback, we concluded to have following theme.

ZilicusPM Project Workspace | Enhanced User Interface

Other Enhancements

Reopen Project Timesheet:

ZilicusPM now allows team members to reopen existing approved timesheet. This enhancement has been requested by some of our customers. There are couple of reasons for this enhancement - (1). To allow users to submit timesheet for a week, where month-end falls between Monday and Friday, so to account for monthly activity irrespective of whether last day of a month falls on Friday or not, team members can submit timesheet. And for next month, they can reopen earlier approved timesheet (2). Sometimes team members forget to add few entries and to add such entries, one can reopen previously approved timesheet and resubmit it with new additions.

Usability Improvements in Interactive Gantt

This version has improved usability aspects such that, users will be able to extend task duration, drag-drop tasks and task dependencies beyond active window. Few columns have been added in Interactive Gantt, one can also change the ZOOM level (weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly) within Interactive Gantt chart.

Plus there have been additional enhancements and bug fixes also included in ZilicusPM 7.5.