ZilicusPM Wins The Traditional Category Of Project Management software , Announced Finalist in PM Software Election

This week, ZilicusPM has been announced as the WINNER in The Traditionalists category in the Project Management Software Election 2012, organized by Capterra. It also leads us to final round wherein the winner between The Traditionalists and The Contemporaries will be decided. Capterra-PMElection   This is really, the moment of proud and we are really humbled by the extensive support our employees, friends and customers have extended. Last week we announced released of ZilicusPM 5.0, the major version that introduced innovative features. As we enter into the finals of the Project Management Software Election, we are promise that ZilicusPM will simply be beyond the categorization such as Traditional or Contemporary with Agile. With upcoming releases of ZilicusPM, users will have option of selecting project management methodology they would like to use. At Zilicus, our aim is simple - Our current customers recalls ZilicusPM as a name synonymous to enterprise-class product that delivers Value and phenomenal support. As we move forward, we want to (and we will) continue to deliver the highest level of user experience, superior value proposition for ZilicusPM users. We would like to thank all our customers, friends, colleagues and well-wishers who have supported us and also appeal them to continue to extend their support. Do vote for us & spread the word! Click on this URL to vote for Zilicus: