ZilicusPM - Project Management and Project Management Software Recap 2012

It has been a happening, eventful, full of activities year with lot of learning, customer engagements and few unlearning as well. The year 2012 has been the year of milestones and achievements. Let me recap year 2012: for ZilicusPM as a product and its blogosphere.

"Back To Basics" series of project management articles is go-to place for newbie project managers, to-be project leaders. Appreciated by leading blogs and PM website, this series covers project planning, project risks and project scope management.

Brief Recap of ZilicusPM in 2012

In the year 2012 has been milestones' year for ZilicusPM - the award winning project management software. Since its launch, every subsequent version released has been aligned with customer's requirements.

ZilicusPM - online project management software
Launched ZilicusPM launched - redefines project management software space. Introduce project planning, time tracking, document management, risk management, issue tracker, resource management features
ZilicusPM 2.0 ZilicusPM launched on Google Apps marketplace. It Integrates with Google Docs, Calendar, Google user provisioning.
ZilicusPM 3.0 Project scheduling made immensely quick with Interactive Gantt chart (highly regarded feature of ZilicusPM) and tighter MS Project Integration
ZilicusPM 3.1 ZilicusPM 3.1 launched for mobile smartphone. ZilicusPM can be accessed using Apple iPhone, Android based smartphone, Blackberry OS, etc.
ZilicusPM 4.0 ZilicusPM 4.0 introduces social Media like interface, Discussion forum, project group, enhanced dashboard & reports which can be saved to pdf/excel
ZilicusPM 4.1 Minor version release to cater customer requirements
ZilicusPM 5.0 ZilicusPM 5.0 unveils online meeting manager (popular feature among ZilicusPM customers) , incredibly simple and engaging interface, co-branding, advance project planning methods
ZilicusPM 5.1 ZilicusPM 5.1 introduces advance resource management, resource load chart, what if analysis, configurable working days, advance time tracker, search tasks, participative project planning
Way forward
ZilicusPM 6.0 To be released on January 6th, 2013. Will feature budgeting, expenese and billing management and many other features
ZilicusPM 6.1 Minor version release to cater customer requirements
ZilicusPM 7.0 Time to go automate business. Feel free to contact us/watch this space.
Accolades, Nominations and Reviews for ZilicusPM
ZilicusPM - online project management software
President/Winner of project management software contest ZilicusPM awarded as the president of project management software beating 55 leading PM tools vendor in the international contest organized by Capterra
Winner of traditional project management software contest ZilicusPM awarded as the winner of traditional project management software in the international contest organized by Capterra
Site with best articles content for effective project management Based on articles, white papers, cast studies published on ZilicusPM blog, Zilicus.com is announced as the best resource for project management professionals
Review by Benchmark Email Benchmark reviewed ZilicusPM very positively and regarded it for comprehensive features and ease of use
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We wish you all : happy holidays and amazing new year 2013!