Project Management Software ZilicusPM Releases Project Meeting Manager

  Project MeetingMeetings! Does this word make you worry about your schedule? If you are a project manager, you know meetings are part of your everyday life. There is plenty of literature written about how to make meetings productive and so on. This post is NOT about productivity of meetings. I am going to focus more on post-facto.
  1. Do you find that minutes of meetings are lost in emails and spreadsheets?
  2. Occasionally you may update minutes of meetings but it does not get communicated with all attendees?
  3. Action items enlisted through these meetings are difficult to trace and follow up?
  4. Overall, you realize that there is no central place to locate all your project related meetings? (Outlook being a desktop application, is for you)
ZilicusPM is going to help you to address these concerns with online meeting manager. With this unique feature in online project management software category, ZilicusPM makes it collaborative and simple to organize all your project meetings details in one central location. With ZilicusPM you will definitely realize the benefit of having online, intuitive and collaborative solution to manage all project meetings. With ZilicusPM Meeting Manager, you can
  1. Invite participants for meeting (Calendar event will be created for each meeting - ical event which will be shown in Outlook, Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, IBM Lotus Notes, Yahoo Calendar and many other calendar applications)
  2. Share agenda of the meeting with participants
  3. Once a meeting takes place, you can record minutes of meeting
  4. Create list of action items based on the discussion from a given meeting
  5. Assign these action items to your project team members/customers, set due date for each action item
  6. Distribute minutes of meeting & list of action items with all attendees
  7. Project team members and customers can update status of action items assigned to them
  8. As a meeting organizer you can update MoM, action items
  9. All meetings are stored in one central place and accessible to project team members, any time from any where!
  Well, we have already received so much enthusiastic response for this feature from our customers, we are pretty sure that Online Meeting Manager is going to be a very useful features for project managers. PS. ZilicusPM meeting manager will be featured in upcoming release ZilicusPM 5.0 (to be released in next week). Do check preview of new features being introduced in ZilicusPM 5.0 Photo Credit Jupiterimages/Pixland/Getty Images _