Task Management Software Vs Project Management Software

Difference between Task Management Software and Project Management Software

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What is the difference between Task Management Software and Project Management Software

Quite often we come across To-Do lists or Task Management app which are touted as Project Management app . As a visitor, I find it annoying when I realize that all these software have to offer is simple To-Do list / Task management features whereas I'd expect much more than that.

In this post, I have tabulated brief differences between Task Management software and Project Management software.

Frankly, the debate should start with the difference between Tasks & Project.

# Parameter Task Management Software Project Management Software
1 Focus on To-Do Lists or Tasks List 1. Project Planning through tasks, milestones, work-breakdown-structure (WBS); 2. Project Tracking (progress, issues, risks, budget, etc) 3. Communication & collaboration
2 Works well for Individual or small team of upto 10 team members More than 10 team members
3 Works well for Up to 20-25 tasks which will go on for maximum couple of months More than 2 -3 months and involves more than 20 tasks with varied schedule & dependency
4 Works best When activities are unrelated or loosely related and less follow up is expected to be done with team members When project activities are fairly related, interdependent; follow up/ project tracking is necessary to get overall picture
5 Suited for Organizer for individual's or small group's activities which are mostly transactional activities. Planning & tracking of projects having reasonable duration (more than 2-3 months, sometimes even years) and having multiple considerations like tasks/issue/risk interdependencies, resource availability, resource utilization, etc
6 Supports Task management & communication but not projects Tasks management is implicitly supported. But involves much more 1. Task Scheduling & Tracking 2. Resource Management 3. Issue Management 4. Risk Management 5. Project Communication 6. Project Files/Document Management 7. Budgeting
7 Task Plan Involves Name of task, start date, end date Involves Name, Planned Start Date, Planned Due Date, Estimated Efforts, Resources, Dependency, Actual Start Date, Actual End Date, Actual Efforts
8 Planning Can be done quickly. Without much deliberation Supports well devised & carved out project plan
9 Gantt Chart Not supported Supports Gantt Chart that gives visual representation of project schedule
10 Reports & Dashboard The info is limited about tasks Gives comprehensive & useful information in terms of progress made, planned schedule, actual schedule, variance, risk register, Issue audit log, etc

In short, Project Management is much broader discipline for an organization & team to follow whereas Task Management is for individual or small group of people to skillfully manage & complete tasks.

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Let me know if you share similar experience or have different opinion.