Back To Basics - Project Management: Project Quality Planning (Part-VI)

Back To Basics - Project Management: Project Quality Planning (Part-VI)

Welcome to the next post in the series "Back to Basics of Project Management : Project Quality Planning". In previous post we got a glimpse of cost planning, in this post we will look at the important aspect of project planning "project quality planning".

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Every project that delivers something before project closure gets evaluated for project success parameters. The typical ways to look at project success is before time and within budget. It is equally important to evaluate project success in terms of the quality of deliverable. And if the project requirements keep changing during the course of project execution and multiple project deliveries are made during the course, it may happen that project quality gets compromised.

So how would you ensure that project deliveries adheres to the desired quality standard? The answer is PROJECT QUALITY PLANNING. You plan for quality of the project, right from the beginning and have flexibility to update the project quality plan such that each project requirement, project delivery gets validated and verified by quality assurance group.

Once you have a right process for project quality assurance, the project quality planning and project quality verification/validation can perform in predictable manner.

Project Quality Planning

Project Quality Planning

There are various known approaches to ensure project quality some of these are

  1. Six Sigma (6 s)
  2. Cost of Quality (CoQ)
  3. Total Quality Management (TQM)
  4. Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA)
  5. International Organization for Standardization 9001, etc.

All of these approaches essentially align with principles of project management such as careful planning in advance save a lot later, hence this section becomes necessary.

What does project quality planning involves?

To create project quality plan, project planner need to identify what are the quality requirements of the project, which all standards are we supposed to comply with and in what manner. Surely project quality plans undergoes changes just as the master project plan.

What can we expect project quality plan to highlight?




1 Quality Process & Policies The policies about quality assurance process to be followed, quality controls to be in place, process improvement being adopted are detailed

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Project planner need to build the business cases to present cost-benefit analysis of quality assurance & control process to demonstrate benefits of ::
  • Significant avoidance of rework
  • Increase in productivity
  • Quality & Reliability of deliverable,
etc. factors which would satisfy quality expectations and accompanying cost implication.

Cost of Quality

This section gives stakeholders details of estimated cost to be incurred during the project lifecycle by virtue of quality control & quality process: bifurcating/highlighting the cost projection in terms of
  • Conformance cost (Prevention costs, appraisal cost)
  • Non-Conformance cost (internal failure cost, external fail. cost)

Quality Metrics

This section will establish the metrics based on which quality controls can be applied. Establishing quality metrics is very important to ensure stability and performance of the project. The parameters & permissible values such as availability (acceptable: 98.95%), failure rate (0.02%) & frequency, budget control (cost overrun <4%), etc all these essentially governs & indicate health of the project to the stakeholders.

Quality Checklist

Based on the best practices, the project quality planner may provide quality checklist to ensure specific set of project activities are performed in standardized manner. Such checklists are quite useful in quality controls.

Control Charts

This is chart representation to visualize process stability & performance. The project planner needs to specify the boundary & threshold limits to indicate when project stability or performance is getting compromised. At what levels who’s intervention is expected etc is being charted out.

Table : Project Quality Plan

We can't miss quality audit in this whole process. Hence a project quality planning should also take into account project quality audit.

What do you think of this post? Let me know your feedback & comments.

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