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Task Management Software, Gantt Chart Software | Features

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Gantt Chart Software

Project manager refers to project charter as well as project scope for project planning purpose. One of the important plans s/he has to prepare is project schedule. Project planning process leads to work breakdown structure (WBS). Now project manager has to work till granular level and define task groups and individual task applicable to work items.

Task management software ZilicusPM allows project managers to easily create Gantt Charts by creating wbs, tasks, task hierarchy, task dependency, task priority and also to update tasks.
Gantt Chart Software - WBS

Task Managment Software - Project Milestone

Create Project Milestones

The important and significant progress marks/points of the project delivery are called milestones. You can create milestone tasks using ZilicusPM. For project milestone, you can set up dependency on some deliverable. Milestone can be assigned to team members, as well as customer. Sometimes you may want customer's consent/approval to indicate milestone has achieved.
These project milestones are clearly seen in the Gantt chart. Looking at the timeline, project manager can easily determine whether project milestones are achieved or not.

Task Dependency

You can create dependency among tasks so that you can capture real life scenarios/constraints of scheduling tasks. For a given task, you can have multiple task dependencies : from same project or from different projects. That's right. You can set up dependency between tasks from two different projects

ZilicusPM task management software is really simple to use for project scheduling and setting up dependencies between tasks from same project or across projects.
  • Multiple dependencies, Multi-level dependencies
  • A change in task dates automatically changes schedule of dependent tasks
Gantt Chart Software with Task dependency

Task Management Software with interdependent task and lead/lag time

Task Dependency With Lag Time

Project planner should be able to create project schedule with reasonable buffer considering all major constraints. ZilicusPM allows project planner to add dependencies among tasks, dependecy type can be Finish-To-Finish (F2F), Start-To-Start (S2S), Start-To-Finish (S2F), Finish-To-Start (F2S). You can also add lag time between dependent tasks.

ZilicusPM automatiically checks for cyclic dependencies among tasks. Beside this check, there is no limit on number of dependencies and level of tasks.

Interactive Gantt Chart

Interactive Gantt chart is one of the finest features in ZilicusPM. Project manager can use this task management tool to quickly create tasks like spreadsheet entries, graphically move tasks, extend duration, graphically add new dependencies.

You can drag and drop tasks in the list, push/pull to change the timeline, drag-n-drop to set up dependency, or ident to create sub-tasks all using keyboard or mouse shortcuts You can experience the fastest way of creating project schedule using interactive Gantt chart.
Interactive Gantt Chart Tool

Gantt chart software with zoom

Zoom Level for Gantt Chart

If you project runs for more than a year, don't wory! ZilicusPM provides you Gantt chart zoom feature that allows you to view project schedule through zoom levels such as weekly view, monthly view, quartly view and yearly view. With highest zoom out level i.e. yearly view you can quickly see how your project shapes up over years.

Task View For Team Members

Project team members need not look at project plan to update their tasks. ZilicusPM provides a distinct and simplified view for individual team member that shows tasks assigned and pending on his/her name. These tasks are grouped based on task's status. Pending and ongoing tasks are shown first and followed by Upcoming Tasks. Team member can also check completed tasks in the same view.
Task management software for team member

Task management tool that works with Microsoft Project

Import Project Schedule from MS Project

If you have project schedule already created in MS Project, you can import it in ZilicusPM. The import functionality in ZilicusPM can seamlessly bring your schedule created using MS Project to ZilicusPM.

Export Project Schedule to MS Project

Your project schedule in ZilicusPM can be reused elsewhere. Export project schedule to Microsoft Project (MS Project) file formats like MPP, MPX, reuse it.
Task managmeent tool to Export Microsoft Project

Gantt Chart tool to Print Gantt Chart

Print Gantt Chart

ZilicusPM is online project management software hence, your project plan will always remain accessible to you. Still sometimes, under certain circumstances you will have to refer to printed version of Gantt chart. ZilicusPM task management tool provides a way to print Gantt chart.

You can print schedule of projects you manage i.e. project Gantt chart using a printer or save it as an image file. You can refer this copy of Gantt chart for offline discussions.

Add/Link Documents To Tasks

You can share more details about task with your team members and project manager. Now upload and attach documents to project tasks assigned to you. You can also link Google document to tasks. The linked documents can also be seen and uploaded, at task details page designed & accessible for team members.
Task management tool with feature to attach document to tasks

Critical Path in Gantt Chart Software

Tracking Activities On Critical Path

For projects deliveries involving fixed deadline, any deviation from the deadline can be a bad news for project sponsor. Hence project manager would like to ensure that new tasks or changes in schedule of existing tasks should not extend the delivery timeline. Essentially, s/he is referring to identifying tasks on critical path. ZilicusPM online project management software has advance feature for project managers who would like to view tasks on critical path. Typically change in the schedule of activities on critical path leads to change in the planned completion date of a project.

ZilicusPM does not overwhelm normal project project managers by showing them critical path by default, but those who are interested in checking activities on critical path, can use advance feature available using Gantt chart in ZilicusPM

Project Schedule Baseline

In a typical scenario, when a project manager has an agreement with project customer or sponsor about delivery timeline, it is called project schedule baseline. It is for the reference of project manager what was an agreed timeline. And as project is under execution, project managers may have to change existing schedule but s/he would like to check how are we deviating from agreed timeline. This is where project schedule baseline helps.
Project manager can set current project schedule as baseline. This will not stop him from making changes to current schedule, more often than not, project managers have to update schedule depending on the ongoing situation. But project manager can always check the variation of current schedule from agreed baseline schedule. ZilicusPM shows baseline in a distinct manner by clearly identifying current activities and their task bars using Gantt chart timeline.
Project Schedule Baseline in Gantt Chart Task Management Software

Project Portfolio Gantt chart - Project portfolio management software feature

Project Portfolio Gantt Chart

Project managers can check progress of multiple projects at one place using portfolio Gantt chart in ZilicusPM project management software, enables portfolio managers to check schedule of portfolio of projects in one go/view.
Portfolio manager can decide which projects, which portfolios to be viewed in Gantt chart and in few clicks they can track multi-project Gantt chart in ZilicusPM.

Project Activities and Kanban Board

While project managers like to use Gantt chart, project team members do not prefer to check their activities in Gantt chart. Instead they are more comfortable using separate view that shows their activities alone, not whole project activities.
Kanban board in ZilicusPM represents project tasks as cards in the Kanban board which team members can move around to change its state. Project mangers can also decide of flow project activities in terms of Kanban card states
My Kanban Board is a single place where team members can check project tasks across all projects assigned to him/her. They can check current status, drag/drop the card to desired state, update/add comments. etc.
Project Tasks as Kanban Board

Link/Relate Project Issues and Risks to Task

Link Project Issues / Risks to Tasks

You can link related issues and risks to appropriate tasks. It can help project team members to work on tasks and make informed steps to complete it. This scheme of linking issues and risks ensure complete project traceability.

Automatic Email Notification

Never miss any deadline information. Automatic email notification is way of working for many people who prefer to work with emails. Now with ZilicusPM's configurable email notification feature, now you can specify when and how you would like to receive email notification.

Plus team members, project manager and portfolio managers receive recap/status notification at the end of the week, informing them what should have been the progress and what is the progress of assigned tasks and project status.
Task management software with that works with email

ZilicusPM Is Complete Project Management Software For Your Team. Get Started Now!

ZilicusPM Free Project Management Software Trial Account

Why You Should Use Task Management Software?

As a project manager, when you have a well defined project scope & chalked out high level project deliverable (WBS), As a part of project planning process the next things project planner/project manager will have to decide is actionable tasks, task sequencing, task prioritization, creating milestones, set up task dependency, set lead/lag time, assign resources, tracking tasks progress, rescheduling if necessary. If you have hundreds of tasks to monitor & track; MS Excel or spreadsheet or To Do List software are not sufficient. Else project managers will end up spending more time in managing the spreadsheet or TO DO List software rather than focusing on actual project delivery. Hence Tasks management software solution is definitely needed to manage project schedule better

ZilicusPM: Your best choice for task management software !

ZilicusPM's Task Management Software solution, is simple to use. If one likes spreadsheet type of interface to add/update tasks, he can use Project Schedule page. If someone likes to leverage advance Gantt chart features, project managers can use interactive Gantt chart. Gantt chart in ZilicusPM makes it lot easier for project manager to create, update, manage tasks, its dependency, duration, assignment quickly. Shortcut keys available in ZilicuSPM helps you to be more productive with easy and effective task scheduling interface.

ZilicusPM Will Not Let Your Team Miss The Deadline

Auto email notification, calendar events, due date alerts and weekly task summary reports, easy ways to update task status will never let team members miss the deadline.

ZilicusPM provides a central place for all your project plans that every stakeholder can refer to. It simply avoids duplicate plans, confusion, delay/miscommunication. ZilicusPM helps you focus on project management, help your team to focus on project activities. Essentially, ZilicusPM task management software help you to manage your schedule and remain focused on delivering project.