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Project Management Software Features : Project Reports, Dashboard

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Portfolio Dashboard

Executive management and portfolio managers, now have one place to view health of multiple portfolios using Portfolio Dashboard. Portfolio summary, Health/status indicators like milestones, portfolio issues, budget/cost, risks, changes across multiple portfolios can be clearly tracked at one place.

One can also use filters to view dashboard of projects staus from a given portfolio or specific projects in multiple portfolio of projects.
Project Portfolio Dashboard

Project Portfolio Gantt Chart Report

Portfolio Gantt Chart Report

Portfolio Gantt chart shows Gantt chart view for all projects across all portfolio. You can view timeline for all projects in one go. If desired, one can expand project Gantt to view details of project schedule within it. This Gantt chart shows real time status/progres of all projects. It also shows portfolio name of which the project is part of

Multi-Project Dashboard

It is not uncommon to see project manager managing multiple projects simultaneously. Project managers can track all those projects at a go using multi-project dashboard. This is an interactive/ drill down multi-project dashboard that allows project managers to get clear visibility of project status and s/he can click on those charts/bars to drill-down to the exact specific project area or bottleneck that may be stopping project from progressing.
Multiple Project Dashboard

Project Dashboard

Project Dashboard

Project manager can easily track status of its project using project specific dashboard. Whenever project manager opens project dashboard, it shows latest status of project in terms of:
  • Project Tasks: In Progress, Completed, Not Started
  • Progress at High Level Tasks
  • Resources Utilization
  • Project Schedule Progress Planned vs Actual
  • Issue Status
  • Risk Heat Map
  • Project Financials:Budget, Actual Cost, Billing

Project Gantt Chart Report

Project Gantt chart in ZilicusPM clearly shows timeline, task priority, duration, progress made, task assignee, task dependency, baseline, critical path among many other things
Visualize and track project schedule progress through Gantt Chart looking at number of tasks completed/In Progress, assigned to a specific resource, based on task status, based on priority, etc parameters.
Project Gantt Chart report

Project Gantt Chart Report Filters

Project Schedule Report

Project managers can visually track project schedule by looking at Gantt chart as well as applying task filters in Gantt Chart view such as task status, task priority, task resource, start date, due date, etc.

Earned Value Report

Like Earned Value Management? ZilicusPM shows earned values for your projects. Check SPI, CPI, etc for your project using this report.
Project Earned Value Report

Project Financial Charts

Project Financial Charts

Project financial charts shows difference between project budget, project estimated cost, project actual cost and billing amount. One can easily figure out all those projects where project estimated cost is running out of budget

Project Timesheet Report

Track resources time spent on various project activities. Time tracking reports are useful and effective to assess productivity and billability of resources
Project Time Tracking report

Project Billing Report Dashboard

Project Billing Report

Project managers can not assess the billability of the project unless s/he knows how many billable hours are entered by project team members. This report precisely allows project managers to understand the billing for a given project/ customer.

Resource Load Report

With this report, project managers have better visibility into resource allocated to different projects.
Resource Load Report

Resource Capacity Report

Resource Capacity Report

This reports helps project managers as well as portfolio managers understand the utilized vs spare capacity of resources in the organization and they can accordingly decide whether new projects can be taken up or not

Task Status Report

Now see your project progress through parameters such as number of tasks completed, pending, based on priority, etc parameters.
Task Status Report

Project Variance Report

Project Variance Report

One can view schedule variance reports for multipe projects using ZilicusPM. This shows the variation of project tasks in terms of scheduled and actual one days, duration such as: variation between planned duration vs actual duration, planned start date ves actual start date, planned completion date vs actual completion date, planned efforts vs actual efforts and the difference
This is a very useful report for project managers to assess whether they are planning it right or specific resources need more attention.

Portfolio Status Report

This reports shows health of all projects in all portfolio in terms of - resource utilization, project percentage completion, issue, risk status, task status by due date, etc.
Portfolio Status Report

Issues Reports

Issues Reports

Zilicus PM provides you with set of rich reports which enables you to assess issue status & also let your prioritize your work schedule

Risks Report

Zilicus PM provides you with set of rich reports which enables you to track risks by risk status, mitigation plan, assessment, etc & also let your prioritize your work schedule
Risks Report

Change Request Report

Change Requests Report

Track project change requests in a given projects or across multiple projects in a portfolio. One can track statu of change request, sort by priority, find out who has reported changes, who is working on change request, etc. These reports are interactive, meaning, one can click on the entry in the report to open details page of a change request, wherein one can also impact assessment, benefits analysis, proposed implementation date, etc..

Timesheet reports

A timesheet report gives a comprehensive view of actual working hours of each of your team members along with their total log hours.
Time Tracking Reports

Project Cost and Expense Report

Cost and Expense Report

Track project budget, estimated costs and compare thoses with actual cost. This report enables you to compare project estimated cost and actual cost per task, side by side.

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