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Project Tracking Software | Features

Effective project management : Explore ZilicusPM

Track Project Progress

Project dashboard in ZilicusPM project tracking software gives you a clear view of project progress at a glance. You get real time health of the project. progress of project in terms of timeline, number of tasks/milestones completed/pending, issues status, project risks exposure as well as cost implication. Project stakeholders can transparently know how a given project is progressing.
  • Resource Utilization
  • Progress in terms of timeline (On Track/lagging)
  • Current Issues, Risks in the project
  • Project Budget, Estimated vs Actul Cost
Project Schedule - Work breakdown structure (WBS)

Project Gantt Chart

Tracking Project Timeline- Gantt Chart

When Microsoft launched project planning software MS Project (MPP) it became quite popular among project managers, one of the reasons for its popularity was its feature- Gantt charts. The Gantt Charts - visually represent task structure, task progress, task inter-depenedency , etc. ZilicusPM offers you intuitive gantt chart. This feature will help team members to know the project schedule as well as track the progress. Just pointing the mouse over it, will provide details of the activity & status.

Project Portfolio Dashboard

ZilicusPM project tracking system gives Porfolio manager and project manager one central place to view health of all projects they are managing - Portfolio Dashboard. Health/status indicators like timeline (lead/lag), task status, issue status, budget/cost, resource utilization can be viewed at one place. One can also use filters to view dashboard of projects staus from a given portfolio or specific projects in multiple portfolio of projects.
Project Portfolio Dashboard in ZilicusPM Project Tracking Software

Portfolio Gantt Chart in ZilicusPM Project Tracking Software

Portfolio Gantt Chart

Project tracking software ZilicusPM offers an interesting and useful Portfolio Gantt chart feature. It shows Gantt chart view for all projects across all portfolio. You can view timeline for all projects in one go. If desired, one can expand project Gantt to view details of project schedule within it. This Gantt chart shows real time status/progres of all projects.

View My Tasks, Issues & Action Items

As a team members you are more interested in knowing which tasks you need to start today or complete by today. You need not worry about the whole schedule, Gantt chart of the project. ZilicusPM gives you very appealing and engaging way to figure out precisely those tasks assigned to you and due to start/complete by today.
Viewing My Project Tasks using project tracking system ZilicusPM

Project Risk Register

Online Project Risk Register

ZilicusPM project management software has integrated online risk management software. It enable project manager to keep a tab on risks and in turn prioritize & delegate risk items. The advance feature of Risk tracker provide you follow up notification for risk planning & mitigation.
  • Track All Risks/Assigned to you/ To be reiviewed by you
  • Group Risks base don by Priority, Status or Assigned To
  • Get updated on real time through reports & dashboard
  • Get notified through emails as risk is assigned/ Updated

Project Issue Tracker

Issues are problem areas, which needs to be addressed appropriately. For software projects issues are termed as bugs, where as for engineering/manufacturing sectors it is also known as incidents. Using ZilicusPM issue tracking software you can be assured that you will not miss issues which are to be resolved urgently & with priority.
  • Track All issues or assigned to you
  • Group by Priority, Status or Assigned To
  • Get updated on real time through reports & dashboard
Tracking Project Issues

Tracking Project Expenses using ZilicusPM

Project Expense Tracker

One of the important aspects of tracking project progress is cost management. For obvious reasons, project sponsors would like a project to be delivered within a given budget.ZilicusPM project tracking software allows project managers track project cost in three parameters Project Resource Cost, Fixed Cost and Project Expenses.
As far as project expenses are concerned, project managers can track project expenses cost in following manner.
  • Submit new expense sheet
  • Add expense Item, set expense category
  • Submit for approval of project manager

Track project budget, billing and cost

As project execution starts, you as a project manager would like to track whether overall estimated cost is overshooting budget, whether actual cost is within budget or project is at risk, what is total revenue generated by current project The financial number for your project are shown in your own currency. Based on your organizations currency, the currency for your project will be automatically shown to you.
Project Cost Dashboard

Project Portfolio Reports

Project Portfolio Reports

Project reports are critical for project managers and higher management. Project tracking tool - ZilicusPM provides real time status report of various project activities including
  • Task status
  • Resource Utilization
  • Timesheet Report
  • Project variance report

All reports are generated in printer friendly format that can be exported to a suitable format like PDF, excel spreasheet file

Timesheet Tracking Software

As project team members enters timesheet details for project activities, in project tracking software ZilicuPM, project manager can track their time, effictivity of resources, resource utilization. There are good number of indicators project manager and executive management can track to find planned vs actual work done, planning efficiency, resource efficiency, cost/billing impact and so on.
Note: ZilicusPM is also available as downloadable app on Google Play and iTunes which can be used to track time on smartphone and tablet.
Project Timesheet

Export Project Task Schedule

Export Project Schedule

You can export project schedule and its latest progress of project task schedule to excel spreadsheet. The exact view that you have selected will get exported into excel format. You can save this file and refer it during offline discussion or submit for auditory compliance requirements.

Track Project Considering Organization Holidays

One can add compnay holidays in ZilicusPM. As a project manager, you can check these holidays while tracking project schedule, assigning tasks, tracking activities - it will get reflected in Gantt chart, timesheet tracking, resource management, etc.
Track Company Holidays

Effective project management : Explore ZilicusPM

What activities does project tracking involve?

To track the project(s), project manager & team members need to look at how far project has progressed in terms of schedule progrss: Gantt Chart showing status of tasks, duration & issues, risks, cost, resources and other key indicators
What issues, risks currently the project is facing and who is managing those issues & risks?
Are we overshooting budget? How much comfortable are we in terms of actual vs estimated cost?
Are right resources working on right activities? Are we utilizing them enough or overassigned them, how cost effective are these resources, are we able to generate right billability with these resources?
Compare current status of project against the baseline or planned schedule
  • As a project, are we on a track? Or we have moved away/delayed as compared to planned schedule or baseline drawn in terms of timeline, resources and cost?
  • Which milestones am I supposed to deliver today/this week or what are upcoming delivarables?
  • Which resources are being over utilized or under utilized for given project?
  • Have I accounted for/responded to an identified risk? Do I need to delegate contingency plan for risk?
  • Which issues & risk have deviated from earlier assessed risk resolution & risk mitigation plan?
Spill over effect of schedule over run or under run on other activities

Why you should use a Project Tracking Software?

Any practicing project manager would agree, how much time he looses in trackig & recording project updates. Project manager, who have been working with spreadsheet alike tools, have struggled to comunicate project schedule changes, get updates from team members. To make life simpler for you, your team members, portfolio manager as well as customers, you should use online project tracking software for following reasons. YOU CAN
  • Monitor state of a project thorugh out its lifecycle, right from planning to commencement to completion & closure.
  • Project Tracking software can provide team members with real time updates on progress made in a given project(s)
  • Using project tracker solution, team members can collaborate & work together to make sure that project is on track
  • As one can monitor progress of a project on real time basis, compare it with project baseline drawn. It helps organizations to evolve with processes - check and balances to avoid slippage of timeline, remain budgetory constraints while managing risks & issues on timely basis.
  • To summarize (or rephrase above statements):: The right project tracking software helps you clearly visualize project progress, It enables you to take corrective actions

Advantages of using ZilicusPM Online Project Tracking Software

ZilicusPM offers an cost effective web based project tracking solution. Using ZilicusPM team members will never miss project update. Project managers can track critical factors like time - task schedule, task status, resource availability, resource conflict, issues, risks can be updated & monitored easily using ZilicusPM tracking solution.
First and foremost, ZilicusPM is a platform where your team members can collaborate. Everyone has access to project schedule, his own tasks, project documents, issues & risks and other such artifacts. As they work on project activities & update those in ZilicusPM, you get real time updates through
  • Task schedule & Gantt Chart reports: Gantt chart is updated real time to show tasks' progress marked. It is easier to get updated now.
  • Resource scheduling & tracking: Resource utilization as shown in dashboard is self explantory, you can use other reports too
  • Timesheet tracker : Automatic alerts provided in ZilicusPM to remind team member to fill up timesheet for given weeks
  • Risk tracker : Team member automatically receives email whenever new risks is created/ assigned/ its status is updated, etc
  • Issue tracker : Team member automatically receives email whenever new issue is created/ assigned/ its status is updated, etc
ZilicusPM project management solutions makes it very easy for team members to receive & provide update for project activities; at the same time, project manager can track task schedule, cost, risks, issues, resource utilization on real time basis as follows
1 Have a look at stylish & highly useful dashboard & get a real time visibility on progress/state of a project(s)
2 As you are enabled to define clear roles & resposibilities to carry out given activity, you know what can be expected
3 Know exactly - what is pending; follow up on exactly those aspects only e.g. open/pending tasks, open issues, non-mitigated risks, etc
4 Build credibility through transperancy exhibited in project tracking & necessary action/remedies being taken. Share details with customers & other stakehodlers

Effective project management : Explore ZilicusPM