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Project Stakeholder Management Software | Features

Identify Stakeholders

ZilicusPM project management system has built in capability to work with important project stakeholders such as project customer, project team members, project reviewer. This specific functionality allows project manager to identify broader set of stakeholders such as project sponsor, auditor, internal customers, partner, others.

Identify Project Stakeholders using Project Management Software ZilicusPM

Add Stakeholders to Project using Project Change Management Software

Add Stakeholders to Project

Once project manager has identified project stakeholders, he can start adding those to project in ZilicusPM. This gives a clear view of project stakeholders, at one central place. Of course, managing stakeholder expectations is challenging, establishing ongoing and transparent engagement with stakeholder can be easily achieved using ZilicusPM.

Invite Stakeholders to Collaborate

Ongoing engagement with client, project sponsors, internal customers might be required; though you may want to engage with project auditors only when required (sporadically). This can be very easily done using invite stakeholder capability in ZilicusPM, as simple as click of a button/link. This gives the way for project stakeholders to collaborate with project manager, project team to work effectively.
Invite Project Stakeholders using project change management system ZilicusPM

View Project Stakeholders using project management tool ZilicusPM

View Project Stakeholders

As mentioned earlier, it gives a clear view of project stakeholders for a given projects at one place. ZilicusPM also shows who are currently engaged or invited to collaborate by accessing project workspace.

Activate Stakeholders Management Module

ZilicusPM offers modular project management capabilities. You can easily switch on or switch-off functionality as deemed necessary (according to your project management office (PMO) capabilities. Before project manager can start using stakeholder management feature in ZilicusPM, it has to be activated by account administrator.
Enable Stakeholder Management Module in ZilicusPM