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Feature : Project Meeting/Calendar

Create a project meeting

Meetings are inevitable part of projects. Most of the times, critical decision related to projects are made during these meetings. Project managers always struggle to manage meetings. ZilicusPM lets you create online meetings. You can share meeting agenda, invite participants, an calendar event will be shared with all invitees.
Schedule a meeting

Minutes of Meetings

Create Minutes of Meetings

Once your meeting takes place, you can create minutes of meeting (MoM), specify who all attended the meeting, share MoM with all participants over email.

Create Meeting Action Items

Based on the discussion in the meeting, meeting organizer/project manager can create action items. Organizer can set due date for each action item and assign it to project team members or organizational users.
Meeting Action Item

Add Project Task To Google Calendar

Add tasks to your calendar

Use these email preference to add tasks to your calendar whenever project manager assigns task to you. Not only you will receive email notification about task assignment, this task will be shown in your calendar. It will get updated whenever project manager changes schedule and you will be notified about the change. These calendar events can be seen in Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, Lotus Note Calendar and many other calendar clients.

Online Project Team calendar

Now you can view activities you have been working on or need to work in any given day/week/month using your calendar view provided in Zilicus PM. The calendar view helps you in organizing your work activities.
online project team calendar

Automated alerts and notification

Automatic Reminders

The project calendar is integrated with emails such that, for the automatic email notifications/alerts are sent based on the schedule provided in the online calendar .

Real time update to calendar

When project manager updates project schedule & it gets reflected for all team members' online calendar
Online project calendar