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Project Management System | Features

Create work breakdown structure (WBS)

Once project scope is concluded, project deliverables can be broken down into work items. These work elements serves as a reference deliverables for duration, resource & cost estimation. At a higher level, project manager can define deliverable components which becomes a work breakdown structure for a given project. Project management system ZilicusPM lets you quickly add Task Groups at higher level which becomes wbs for you. Interactive Gantt chart in ZilicusPM makes it lot easier to create task schedule
Project Schedule - Work breakdown structure (WBS)

Project Schedule - Work breakdown structure (WBS)

Create Project Schedule

The WBS, higher level of task groups are further broken into groups of activities (i.e. next level breakdown of tasks groups). Using project management tool ZilicusPM, you candefine Each tasks with specific start date; estimated efforts & estimated duration (in number of days or expressed in terms of due date).
  • Task schedule - Dates, Duration, Efforts
  • Task Dependency - Multiple, At Any Level
  • Resource Assignment

Project Budget, Billing Preference

As a project manager, you would have a budget allocated for your project. You can set that budget for your project, set billing preference whether you would like to bill customer, at fixed cost, fixed resource cost, or actual resource cost.
An integrated project management system ZilicusPM lets you define and track project financial status. While tracking project, you can also view whether project cost is within budget or ther is a cost overrun.
Project Schedule - Work breakdown structure (WBS)

Project Resource - Rate, skills

Project Resource Management

While creating a project plan, project planner needs to identify which all skillset and what level experience of resources are required. Based on resource skill set and required experience, estimation of cost can be derived as per resource cost rates. Using project management system you can create resource pool with cost rates, skillset along with reporting structure. Having a platform to collaborate & share, brings everyone to the common place to work in transparent environment. Project team members can also view project plan through online project calendar.

Project Resource Load

Project planners have to take into consideration various constraints while creating project schedule. Project resource availability has always been one of the important constraints. ZilicusPM enables project managers to view resource load across all project and decide whether a resource can be invited to be part of the project team. Project resource management software functionality in ZilicusPM shows whether a given resource is over-loaded, under-assigned or optionally loaded with project activities across all projects.
Project Resource Load Chart

Project Template

Project Templates / Project Import

Now you can reuse existing project schedule while creating new project. One of the finest utility one can exploit in project management tool ZilicusPM to replicate existing project’s timeline and set schedule relative to new project’s start date. While importing existing project, you will have three options as you can see in the adjacent image.
  • You can simply import schedule
  • Import schedule, team members and retain their assignments
  • Include above two and import project resource groups also.

Project Portfolio Management Software

ZilicusPM is enterprise project portfolio management software. It enables portfolio manager to track portfolio of projects in terms of schedule, resources, cost, time, ec.

You can associate, categorize project to a given portfolio of projects. And once a project is part of project portfolio, you can track the progress and manage portfolio of projects through portfolio reports and dashboard indicators.
Project Portfolio Management

What Activities Does Project Management Involve?

Project management essentially a holistic way to plan, monitor and execute project. The typical activities involved are

  • Project Scope : A project charter identifies resposible project manager, formally. S/he should have well defined project scope helps to plan project effectively
  • Project Scheduling, Planning : Based on project scope, high level activities i.e. WBS is created, which is further detailed into tasks, dependencies, efforts
  • Resource Planning, Management : The next step is to identify right resources to carry out those activities. checking their availability, cost, billability, etc
  • Budugeting, Cost Management : Projects can not be executed without allocating enough budget. Organizations are careful about tracking ongoing project cost
  • Issue Tracking and Management : No project exists that gets completed without encountering issue. Issue tracking is unevitable part of managing projects.
  • Risk Planning and Management : Experienced project managers never ignore risk planning and continue to manage risk in terms of evaluation, response plan.
  • Document Management : Project documents need to be organized. Project team, project sponsors and stakeholders need to keep referring right document
  • Time Tracking : What gets measured gets done, effectively. This is precisely what time tracking enables project manager to do. Monitor, Evaluate, Improve!
  • Change Management : Similar to issues, change requests can not be skipped. Right project change management process ensures stakeholders aren't surprised
  • Project Reporting : Project reports and dashboard provide insights about how projects are progressing. The real, clear project progress indicators are important

Why you should use a project management system ?

If one looks at above list of project activities (artifacts) that a project team has to carry out or refer to; it clearly means lot of information is to be organized, a lot need to be communicated, updated, referred and tracked. Today it is not only difficult to plan & manage all project activities manually but it is error-prone. A centralized project management system makes lot of sense, rather it is unavoidable in today's business environment.

  • Easily Translate Project Scope to Gantt Chart
  • Easier Project Access for Stakeholders
  • Simple Management of Project Information
  • Keeping Stakeholders Informed
  • One Place for Project Information Management

Advantages of using ZilicusPM - project management software

  • ZilicusPM is complete project management software. It gives a holistic picture of a project to its team members, project manager, portfolio manager as well as customers
  • It is incredibly simple to use. You can easily to create project schedule either using inline editing, Gantt chart or Kanban board: depending on your comfort level
  • You have one central place for all project details be it tasks, milestone, issues, risks, documents, meetings, resources, budget, expenses, time, reports and so on
  • Project management system enables project team collaboration. Team easily gets timely update, exchange comments with other team members as well as customers
  • ZilicusPM enables team members to keep a tab on these artifacts, so everyone understands the ultimate objective and work towards achieving those
  • ZilicusPM provides clear visibility and greater control to project managers to identify right resources - skillset, experience, availability, cost, billability perspective
  • Project Manager to use project tracking features like reports, timesheet, issue & risk management, to ensure project execution as per plan
  • Portfolio managers can easily track progrss of project portfolio, progrss of multiple projects using interactive portfolio dashboard and reports
  • ZilicusPM, the cost effective solution, updates you about project planning & tracking through email notification, alerts ensuring collaboration & transparency