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Feature : Budget, Cost & Billing

Allocate Project Budget

Project manager when creates a project, can allocate budget to it. He/she can also set preferences in terms of billing - how he/she would like to account billability.
Project Budget Billing Preference

Project Resource Rates

Set Organization Level Resource Cost, Billing Rates

Now you can set default rate for new resource being added to your organization. These resource cost and billing rates are available to all project managers whenever they create new project.

Resource Rates for a Project

As a project manager, you can overwrite the resource rates (cost rates, billing rate per hour) which were defaulted at organization level.
Project Resource - Rate, skills

Track project cost, budget

Track project budget, billing and cost

As project execution starts, you as a project manager would like to track whether overall estimated cost is overshooting budget, whether actual cost is within budget or project is at risk, what is total revenue generated by current project

The financial number for your project are shown in your own currency. Based on your organizations currency, the currency for your project will be automatically shown to you.

Project Dashboard - Cost, Budget, Billing

For your project, ZilicusPM lets you track project budget, estimated cost, actual cost and revenue earned. You can view all these numbers in a bar chart in project dashboard. It is a view where you can quickly get the sense of health of your project in financial terms.

The financial numbers displayed in this dashboard are presented in your own organization's default currency.
Project Budget Cost in Dashboard

Project Cost, Budget in Portfolio Dashboard

Track Project Portfolio Cost Matrix

Of course, if you are a portfolio manager, you can track project financials for all the projects in your portfolio. You can view budget, estimated cost, actual cost for each project in your portfolio.

Track Project Expenses

In your projects if you have budget allocated and you wish to track costs in terms of resource cost and expenses, ZilicusPM lets you track all these.
  • Submit new expense sheet
  • Add expense Item, set expense category
  • Submit for approval of project manager
Submit Project Expenses

expense category

Customize Expense Categories

You can create your own/customized expense categories. ZilicusPM provides set of default expenses categories (e.g. Airfare, Parking, Meals, Local Transportation, etc). You can change existing categories, add new ones.