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Web Based Project Management Software Features

Shared Project Plan

As a project manager, when you create a project schedule and assign tasks to team members; the project plan/schedule gets shared with them. You can also invite customers and enable access to ZilicusPM thus sharing project plan and progress with them.
The project schedule is not static, web based project management tool ZilicusPM lets everyone get updated of real time status of the project plan through Gantt chart.
shared project plan in ZilicusPM web based project management software

project discussion forum in online project management software - ZilicusPM

Discussion forum

Quite often project team discuss about important aspects of the project. Why not document this discussion? In web based project management tool - ZilicusPM project team can create and have a discussion through online discussion forum.

Even better, project customers can also initiate discussion forum and voice thier opinions.

Create Issue Over Email

Web based project management software ZilicusPM lets you, your team and customers create issues over email. In this case, user need not login to ZilicusPM to create issue. Each project has unique email id to which users can send email.

When registered users, customer contacts added in ZilicusPM send email to this unique email address, ZilicusPM automatically creates issue based on subject, body and attachment of the email.

This features makes it really easier for those users; who are more comfortable with email than logging-in to ZilicusPM.
Create Issue over Email using ZilicusPM project management software

Project Comment Notes

Share notes for tasks, issues & risks

As you mark your notes in tasks, issues & risks, these get shared with fellow team members. Such sharing of notes help in effectively communication process/rational of certain process or implementation, etc. In short, notes, comments serves as effective communication medium.

Assign Tasks to Customers

You can collaborate effectively with your customers. As a project manager, you can assign tasks to your customers along with your team member. If you are looking to get certain design document to get reviewed, you can assign tasks to customer users and they will be notified about assignment of this tasks. They can login and update the status just like your project team members.
Project Management Software ZilicusPM provides seamless and effective ways to collaborate with customers.
Assign Tasks to Customers using project collaboration software

online project calendar in project management software ZilicusPM

Online Project Team calendar

Now you can view activities you have been working on or need to work in any given day/week/month using your calendar view provided in ZilicusPM. The calendar view helps you in organizing your work activities.

Client/External Partner Login

Now you can enhance your credibility by transparently sharing important project details with client using ZilicusPM project management software. You can create client log-ins & define project specific access permissions for your clients. Dealing transparently earns credbility & ZilicusPM can help you in enhancing your credibility to deliver project.
Invite customer, partners to project

share project documents

Organize Files Using Web Based Project Management Tool

You can upload project related files/ Google document to ZilicusPM and share it with your team members as appropriate (selective, all sharing). Easy versioning of document is yet another great feature ZilicusPM provides. You can specify whether document being uploaded is major version or minor version. You can receive email notification whenever there is a change in document version.

Email Notification

Difficult to miss assignement or update of project artifacts like tasks, issues or risks. You can receive email notification whenever task(s) is assigned to you or updated with other details. You can also receive email reminder before the start date and due date of task(s) ir issues or risks
It is difficult to do-away or bypass employee's habit of using email. A online project management software providers have accepted email as unevitable way of work. ZilicusPM just makes email integration seamless for every team member..
email notification in web based project management tool

Email Only User in ZilicusPM

Add 'Email Only User'

Now you can extend your project management tool with those users who can receive email notification but unable to log-in to tools like ZilicusPM. The user type 'Email Only User' allow these users to be treated just like a normal user i.e.
  • It can be assigned tasks
  • It can have cost, billability associated
  • It can be tracked for resource availability

Attach Links to Task, Issue and Risk

Team members can already attach documents to tasks, issues and risk. ZilicusPM lets users add/associate URL to task, issues and risks in project for better navigation and collaboration; thus effective project management.
Add URL, Links to Task, Issues,Risks

Meeting Action Item

Organize and Manage Project Meetings

Schedule and organize project meetings. Invite your colleagues, customers to these meetings. Share an agenda, record minutes of meeting and track action items.

ZilicusPM is the only web based project management software that offers integrated meeting management feature for project teams.

Social Media Like Status Update

If you use Facebook or Twitter, then you are already familier with this feature. ZilicsuPM gives you a collaborative view by sharing update to project activities like tasks, documents, issues, risks done by project team members.

So whenever any team member update project activity and ZilicusPM shows these update grouped day by day.
Project Activities Stream

Benefits of ZilicusPM Project Collaboration Software

ZilicusPM is great project collaboration for all of your team members to interact, & get things done. ZilicusPM ensure communication gaps is avoided among stakeholders
The best part of ZilicusPM is, it let everyone in your team (so does your client) know what is happening in the project; in short collaboration brings transperancy
Your team members may work independently, they may be spread across geographic location & time zone; each of your team members views schedule (task start date, due date) in their own time zone. So, they know exactly when to get their things done & clear what is on their name
Since ZilicusPM is about having a central place to collaborate, irrespective of geographic locations & time-zones, project team members experience the flexibility of working together through sharing of project files, shared project plan - Gantt Chart, shared issues, shared risks, project documents, online project calendar, etc
You will be reminded of things you need to take care of through email alerts, notification & online notifications.
Within given project schedule & assigned tasks, you can plan your deliverables in better manner, looking at the project(s) activities as scheduled in your calendar