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Project Issue Management Software Features

Create Issue Over Email

Depending on industry, the term issue or incident or bug is used interchangeably. Project issue means a problem project is facing. Project manager can decide how critical/important issue and and how urgently it shold be resolved or addressed. ZilicusPM is really simple to use issue management software. It lets you create issues over email. Each project has unique email id and when team members and customer send email to it, ZilicusPM automatically creates issue using the information shared like subject, body of email and attachment.
Create Project Issue Over Email

Track My Project Issues

Track Issues Assigned to You

Quickly know issues assigned to you, just on the home page. Check which project, what's the status, when it is expected to be resolved on your home page. You can update it right there.

Submit New Issues

A sound project management practice should always enable quick identification of issues & facilitate easy submission of identified issues. With ZilicusPM you will find it easy & quick to add issues occurring in your project.
Project Issue Submit

Project Issue Workflow

Status and Workflow

Once issues are identified, it follows issue lifecycle. ZilicusPM has predefined workflow of managing issues. This wofkflow is based on well known industry practice. Your team members can change issue status as necessary and in accordance with the designed workflow.

Email Notification

ZilicusPM is great project collaboration software. It facilitate team collaboration in a manner, team is comfortable with. Some people are reluctant to use web inteface, but they are okay to use emails for faster communication.
Keeping that in mind, ZilicusPM does not let you miss any issue. The automatic email notification feature notifies you whenever issue is created, assigned, resolved or closed.
Email Notification for Project Issues

Project Issues Report

Issue Reports

ZilicusPM's Issue reports come so easy to navigate and it comes so handy that you can pick up required set of issues with just couple of clicks. Issue report makes your issue triaging a easy job.

Issue Report Views

For a given issue report, team members can view report details based on various grouping parameters e.g. Assigned To, Status, Priority, etc.
Issue report views

Export issue report to excel

Export Issue Report to Excel

ZilicusPM lets you create different views of issue reports depending on status, etc (and further grouped by priority, created by, assigned to, etc). These reports can be exported to spreadsheet/excel file format. What is interesting, the heading of the report is always visibile to you.

Custom Fields in Issues

ZilicusPM allows you to customize issue management software for your need. Add your own custom fields and those will be shown up in Issue details page. You can track issues based on these custom fields too.
Custom Fields in Project Issues

Link Google Doc to Issue

Attach Documents to Issue

You can help your teams to deal with issue/incidents/tickets in better manner by providing more information about it. ZilicusPM lets you upload documents, you can also link existing Google Document or create a new Google Doc and link it to issue.

Attach URL / Link to Issue

Just like attaching a document to issue, you can attach a URL (link) to issue and whenever team members will click on it, they will be navigated to respective URL.
Attach link to project issue

Why You Should Use Issue Management Tool ?

When you have project team is working on tens or hundreds of tasks and there are dozens of issues to be managed, issue management solution helps you to easily submit issues, delegate these issues to your team member(s). The issue management solution helps team members to keep track of issues reported by or assigned to them, refer to associated documents and accordingly plan their work. At the same time, project manager can track issue pendency, triage progress, etc using issue management solution.

Zilicuspm Is Your Best Issue Management Software Solution

ZilicusPM - The web based project management software provide integrated issue management software you will find how easy it is to submit issues, triage issues. Predefined workflow guides team to progress towards resolution of the issue. All team members will find the Issue reports to be quite intuitive and easy to navigate. With ZilicusPM issue management solution, you will not leave any issue unattended the email notification will alert you about submission, assignment or any progress update made about the issue.