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Real Visibility Of Resource Assignment

  • Clearly view work demand and resource availability
  • See if they are over-assigned or under-assigned?
  • See If team working on right things at right time.
  • ZilicusPM Project Management Software Provides Real Visibility Of Resource Assignment

Clear Focus On Delivery Deadline               

  • Project management tool that lets you set work priorities
  • Easy project scheduling with interactive gantt
  • Dashboard with realtime visibility of work slipage

Effectively Track Project Portfolio Status

  • Complete Visibiility Across All Projects - Timeline, Cost
  • Track Project & Portfolio Level Performance Metrics
  • ZilicusPM Warns You and Helps You Make Better Decisions.

Manage Project Meetings Effectively

  • Access All Project Meetings at one place
  • Assign & Keep Track of Action Items
  • Minutes Visible To Project Team Members
  • ZilicusPM : Integrated Project Management Software

Project Risk Compliance Online              

  • Easily Submit Risks In Project Risk Register
  • Review Risks & Devise Response Strategy
  • Track Project Risks in Probability-Impact 5x5 Matrix
  • Use ZilicusPM Online Project Management to Start Project Risk Compliance Online

Better Team & Client Collaboration

  • Share Your Project Plan, Assign Them Tasks
  • Allow Them To Submit & Track Issues/Tickets
  • Share Project Dashboard & Documents
  • Project Management System ZilicusPM means Better Collaboration and Doing Productive Work, Smartly


user-xs Ian Robertson
Director of Documotive, UK

I sampled over 50 project management software providers trying to find the right one that simplifies the management process. Zilicus is the first I have found.

user-xs Ben J
IT Project Manager , San Diego.

ZilicusPM has been rated highly for the fact that your responsiveness/willingness to meet our requests is highly appreciated.

user-xs Mickey Sanders
Learning & Educational, Atlanta, US.

Wow! What speedy, caring, and thorough support and customer service!Thank you SO much for your help and speedy responses. It's phenomenal.