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Greater Resource Visibility

  • Clearly See Work Demand, Capacity & Availability
  • Know If They're Over-assigned or Under-utilized?
  • Is Team Working On Right Things At Right Time.
  • ZilicusPM Project Management Software Provides Real Visibility Of Resource Assignment

Always be Focused On Delivery Timeline        

  • Set Priorities With This Project Management Tool
  • Easily Schedule Delivery with interactive gantt
  • Manage Yiur Project Tsks using Kanban board
  • Clear Visibility Into Work In Progress & Slippage

Track Project Portfolio Status At a Click

  • Complete Visibiility Across All Projects: Time, Cost
  • Track Project & Portfolio Level Performance
  • Early Warning Indicators to Make Better Decisions.

Track Time & Greater Efficiency

  • Track Time Spent Against Tasks, Issues, Risks
  • Track Planned Efforts vs Actual & Billable
  • Go Mobile and Track Project Time On The Go
  • Project Management Software & Integrated Timesheet

Online Project Risk Compliance

  • Easily Submit Risks In Online Project Risk Register
  • Review Risks & Devise Response Strategy
  • Trace Project Schedule With Project Risks
  • Track Project Risks using Probability-Impact Matrix

Improve Team & Client Collaboration

  • Share Project Plan, Assign Tasks, Add Comments
  • Submit & Track Issues/ Tickets, Project Risks
  • Share Project Dashboard & Project Documents
  • Project Management System ZilicusPM means Better Collaboration, Doing Productive Work


ZilicusPM Review Comment Ian Ian Robertson
Director of Documotive, UK

I sampled over 50 project management software providers trying to find the right one that simplifies the management process. Zilicus is the first I have found.

Zilicus PM Review Comment Kathy Kathryn G
Business Owner, San Francisco.

Zilicus is great for "real" project management AND tracking your sweat equity time

user-xs Mickey Sanders
Learning & Educational, Atlanta, US.

Wow! What speedy, caring, and thorough support and customer service!Thank you SO much for your help and speedy responses. It's phenomenal.